Friday, June 19, 2009

The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame - Results of the Inaugural Ballot

The People Have Spoken!
(All 18 of them)
Rusty Kuntz and God Shammgod are the initial members of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame!

I'm a bit saddened by the turnout, but I am very happy that the turnout had good taste. Rusty Kuntz led the pack, being nominated on 11 of 18 ballots. At a little over 61%, this wasn't overly impressive, but it was enough to get him in over the 55% minimum bar. If anyone deserved to get in to the Hall for his name, it was certainly this guy.

As for God, he was on 10 of 18 ballots and came in at 55.5%, narrowly escaping the limbo that exists for those who aren't voted in but aren't voted out. I'm a little dissapointed that he now goes by Shammgod Wells and therefore cannot accept this honor in full great name glory. But this amazing picture of him drinking a smoothie sort of makes up for that, I think.

The following players were on less than 10 but more than 3 ballots, and will therefore remain on the next ballot and retain eligibility:
9 - Dick Trickle , Lucious Pusey
8 - Jung Bong, Wonderful Terrific Monds the Third
5 - Kywin Supernaw, Dick Pole, Dick Butkus
4 - Dick Seaman, Paul Dickov (as Pull Dickoff), YourHighness Morgan
The following players were on 3 or fewer ballots, less than the required 20%, and thus will have their names removed from the ballot and future Great Sports Name Hall of Fame consideration:
3 - Harry Dick, Joey Goodspeed, Johnny Dickshot, Sherard Clinkscales
2 - Larry Playfair
1 - Brandon Puffer, Grant Balfour, Corey Alston
0 - Will Shields

Well there you have it. Kuntz and Shammgod are in, a lot of others are not. Later this Sunday the first name to be added to the next ballot shall be listed. Since 10 guys are already eligible, I figure adding another 10 this time (and bringing the number to 20) is a solid idea. But that may be open to change, we shall see. Also, I realized that how long someone can stay in limbo is an issue. I think it's 15 years for MLB, but I think that's a lot, so maybe 10 rounds of voting? Again, up for debate, comment if you have any thoughts on how we should handle those things or if you're just as upset as I am that Sherard Clinkscales didn't even get a second chance to show his awesome.

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