Friday, June 19, 2009

Names Awaiting Placement - The Names That Form the Next Ballot

These are the names just waiting around for the next ballot, hoping to get 55% of the vote and therefore join the greats in the Truly Great Names section. Some have been here a little longer than others, but all these older names have the distinction of being good enough to merit at least 20% of the nominations but not great enough to garner more than 55%. The end of list is the ten new names added to this ballot (ten names are added to every ballot) and represent the new blood, hoping for a quick and dirty entrance to enshrinement. May the best names win.

Names on Ballot Nine, with ballot they were introduced on in parenthesis, include:
Misty Hyman (3)
Ten Million (3)
Manli Wang (4)
Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo (6)
Jorge Poo Tang (7)
Doug Fister (7)
Bum-Ho Lee (7)
Napoleon Einstein (8)
Frostee Rucker (8)
Ed Head (8)

And the ten new names added for Ballot Nine are:
1. Boubacar Aw
2. Jaquiski Tartt
3. Handsome Monica
4. Greg Legg
5. Angel Pagan
6. Stubby Clapp
7. Cynnamon Burns
8. Curry Burns
9. Randy Johnson

For older ballots with names knocked off the ballot in the past, see here.


  1. Oh no...did the GSNHOF ballot retire?

  2. Hahaha no....just...noticeably slowed. It'll be back one of these days!

  3. Where' the Mets' Angel Pagan?

  4. He'll get here eventually! He's been on the coming soon list for...a while haha.

  5. I saw one on youtube just now... how about dick shiner (pittsburgh steelers)... here's a photo of his card:

  6. Dick Pole was actually eliminated on Ballot 3. You can see that here:

  7. I'm not awake enough to parse the other ballots, but have Buddy Biancalana, Onix Concepcion, Ivan DeJesus, Shooty Babitt (nickname?), Keena Turner, J.J. Putz, or Doug Fister been voted on yet?

  8. Nope. Nicknames aren't eligible, so no Shooty. But most of the rest will (hopefully) someday have their shot. Especially Fister.

  9. I haven't seen Rouglas Odor listed.

  10. A minor leaguer and a pre-minor leaguer--but they both have cards.

    Rock Shoulders
    Fenway Parks

    Just sayin'.

  11. Bubba Trammel, Buster Posey, Yogi Berra, Mookie amything, & for some reason I can’t explain… Erubiel Durazo.

  12. Delma Zwinal was a minor league pitcher in 1907.