Monday, August 24, 2009

GSNHOF Nominee - Arrowhead

Think Prince, Madonna, and Ichiro are original? Think again, as Arrowhead existed long before these guys every did, having played football for the Oorang Indians in 1923.

Known mostly for Jim Thorpe, the Indians were a novelty team put together by a kennel owner for marketing purposes. This marketing ploy was the focus of the team, as Oorang team members showcased Airedales at the sporting world's first halftime shows instead of game planning for the second half. It's no surprise that the team only lasted two years, 1922 and 1923.

However, that was long enough for Arrowhead to join the great names of the sporting world. Exact stats of his are hard to come by, but according to wikipedia he scored two receiving touchdowns in four career games, including one from Jim Thorpe in a 14-7 loss on November, 11th 1923.

And that's about it concerning Arrowhead, as I couldn't find anything else about the guy's life. But hey, at least he got Arrowhead Stadium named after him.

Okay, that's a lie. But you have to admit, it'd be pretty cool if the Chiefs had named their stadium after a guy with 4 games worth of professional football experience.

In other news, Arrowhead's nomination for the Hall makes ten new nominees since Ballot Four. That means Ballot Five starts today. I'll make the post in a little bit and we'll see who makes it into the Hall this time around.

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