Monday, August 24, 2009

Ballot Five of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame - VOTE!

BALLOT FIVE HAS ENDED! Results can be found HERE!

Welcome to the fifth official ballot of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame!

Wow, five ballots, who would have thought? With four previous inductions in to the Truly Great Names to date and well over 100 past voters, we've done pretty well for ourselves thus far. I'm really excited for this current ballot though, as I think it may actually be the best new batch of names we've had since Ballot One, and that's saying something.

So now it is time for you readers to vote on Ballot Five. The rules are simple:

1. Vote for at least one player, but no more than ten players.

2. Vote either in the comments section of this post OR by emailing us.

3. If there's a name you think is hilarious that you'd like to be eligible for future voting, let me know. I may have it on my master list and simply haven't nominated it yet, but I may have never heard of it despite it's awesomeness!

4. You'd probably like to know how I decide who makes the Hall and who doesn't. It's based on the percentage of ballots that each player appears on:

55% or More of the Ballots - Inducted into the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame (Truly Great Names)
20%-55% - Stay on the Ballot for the next round of voting (Ballot Six)
20% or Less of the Ballots - No longer eligible for the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame (The Good Names)

5. Any other questions. Official rules and regulations can be found here. But that's it, in a nutshell. Otherwise, check out the list below, pick your favorites, and let the voting begin! Voting ends two mondays from now, at noon, on September 7th, 2009.

The Fifth Ballot of Nominees for the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame includes:
Wonderful Terrific Monds the Third
Jung Bong
Lucious Pusey
Earthwind Moreland
Ben Gay
Ten Million
Misty Hyman
D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Destiny Frankenstein
Nana Papa Yaw Dwene Mensah-Bonsu
Manli Wang
Kirby Dar Dar
Prince Octopus Dzanie
Chansi Stuckey
Duany Duany
Longar Longar
Henry Henry
Pete Peeters
Razor Shines
Atari Bigby
Taylor Teagarden
Jetsy Extrano

And there you have them. Now what are you waiting for? VOTE! And any publicity to get more voters is much appreciated, so if you get more people to vote via a post on a blog or via word of mouth, I'll be forever thankful, give you free publicity on this site, and maybe throw some baseball cards your way if you're so inclined.

But anyways, vote vote vote!


  1. Ben Gay is perfect. Makes me laugh every time. Earthwind Moreland is a fun name to say. Not that funny on its own, but every card I pull of Corey Hart makes me sing "I wear my sunglasses at night, so i can..."

  2. No Boubacar Aw?

    Have to go with Wonderful Terrific Monds. That's a natural.

  3. Collective Troll - haha I may one day put Corey in the running for the Hall, even though he is just a namealike. I have a list of other namealikes with him on it, and they are eventually going to get their own fun post too.

    Night Owl - I have never ever heard of Boubacar. But like Fair Hooker before him, he will most certainly be nominated for the very next ballot, because that's too great a name to pass up. Thanks for letting me know he exists!

  4. Great idea - need to market it more.

    Ben Gay
    Misty Hyman (has to get in)
    Manli Wang (awesome)
    D'Brickshaw (great OL name)
    Prince Octopus (great fighter name)
    Luscious Pusey

  5. Iain - Thanks! You're the first so far - guessing you came from Chansi's twitter?

    sbrown - Thanks! But where to go? I've got most of the online social networks covered, plus ballhype. Only so much a guy can do haha.

  6. ten million - triber! (kinda)
    misty hyman
    henry henry
    manli wang
    ben gay

    seriously, CT, that is EXACTLY what I think every time. And, they are to be a card in doublevisionaries too!

  7. Pete Peters
    Manli Wang
    Ten Million
    Earthwind Moreland
    And for service to the community, Kirby Dar Dar

  8. Let's Go Chansi! I'm a big Jet fan and he belongs in this thing! Let's also get Da Brick a vote!