Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Results of Ballot Eight of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

We set a new record for voters this month, with a whopping 65 people submitting their vote for the greatest names of Ballot 8.  I think it helped to have the ballot answerable via Google Forms, so people could just click a few boxes and move on.

We also had a second consecutive ballot where we elected someone at the last minute!  It's weird - the more people who vote, the harder it is to elect someone.  After 13 votes this guy was as 100%.  By 30 votes he was barely above 50%.  Things weren't decided until about vote 62, but in the end Pete LaCock became the 7th name elected to the Hall of Fame with 36 votes (55.4%).  Congrats!

We also had some sad news...Ben Gay was on his 7th ballot, and needed to get in or get out.  He had some good support, but 28 votes is only 43.1%, which means he did not get in.  So he's out.  No more Ben Gay on the ballot.

So that's the one name in and one the one good name out.  Here's the rest:

Got enough votes to continue on to Ballot 9:
Jorge Poo Tang - 34 votes, 52.3%
Misty Hyman - 30 votes, 46.2%
Dikembe Mutumbo - 29 votes, 44.6%
Manli Wang - 28 votes, 43.1%
Ed Head, Frostee Rucker, Ten Million - 20 votes, 30.8%
Napoleon Einstein - 18 votes, 28.7%
Doug Fister - 17 votes, 26.2%
Bum Ho-Lee - 14 votes, 21.5%

Did not get enough votes - fall off the ballot to be remembered NEVERMORE!

Baskerville Holmes - 12 votes, 18.5%
Yancey Thigpen - 10 votes, 15.4%
Arquimedez Pozo - 8 votes, 12.5%
Seth Schwindenhammer, Alamazoo Jennings - 7 votes, 10.8%
Co-Eric Riley - 6 votes, 9.2%
Odrisamer Despaigne - 5 votes, 7.7%
Osseee Schreckengost - 4 votes, 6.2%
Pat urckfitz - 3 votes, 4.6%

That means one name is in, one good name is out, and eight decent names live on for the next vote.  I'm excited to see if Jorge Poo Tang gets in on ballot 9, and if Bum Ho-Lee gets enough support to even stick around.  I guess we'll see!

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