Thursday, August 13, 2020

A New Printing Plate appears! Plus the resolution of the Deduno shipment

Back when I was blogging and trading all the time, one of my biggest trade partners was Dennis of the Too Many blogs.  So when I wandered back into this realm, I wasn't surprised when he was one of the first bloggers who reached out to me.  He mentioned in a quick email that a Mike James printing plate was on Ebay for cheap.  So I took a peek.

It's a magenta plate, and it's mine now!

The really weird thing about this plate is the way they added thickness to the card:

I'm used to completely flat plates, but with this one they took the plate front and put it on some filler.  It's an odd look, but I guess it's probably more aesthetically pleasing than the nothing back or sticker you often see.  Here's the much more detailed back of this one: 

This marks my third Mike James plate to date, and a little search of my blog indicates that Dennis was involved in me finding all three of them.  Thanks again man!

I finish this post with a little update on the Deduno shipment I recently posted about.  The guy never got back to me via email, but a few days later I had a big yellow envelope with the last two Dedunos in it:
That now brings me to 71 Dedunos, and ends that Ebay situation happily with positive feedback all around!


  1. Dennis is always looking out for his peeps and is definitely an asset to the card blogging community. That's an interesting way to distribute plates... especially since it has rounded corners. I imagine it's kinda cool, because it's added depth. And glad to hear the eBay vendor came through and you received your two missing cards.

  2. Awesome! I'm glad you ended up winning it since the price was reasonable. I have a nice mix of plates that are normal thickness (just metal) and ones that were definitely attached to something thicker, probably to approximate the thickness of their products' base or hits.

    Anyway, I have saved eBay searches for plates under $10 so it's super easy for me to alert someone if I see one of their PC guys.

    Glad you got your other cup cards too!

    Thanks for the kind words, Fuji! That means a lot coming from someone like you.