Sunday, December 20, 2020

Newest COMC Package - Including one of my holy grails!

Hi again!  I know around the Summer I said I would post more, and that...didn't happen.  But I put in for a COMC shipment around then, and it JUST delivered with the 'rona doing what it does to USPS and small businesses, so I figured I'd share all the nicest patches and cool cards since there's quite a few of them!

I'll start with a card that's been a holy grail of mine for...years.  I've written in the past about how a lot of my football fandom ties in with video games, and one of those first loves was the 1998 Philadelphia Eagles.  I love bad teams, and they were awful in NFL Quarterback Club '98, so I played with them often.  Duce Staley was my favorite player, but their secondary was legitimately great, so I became a big fan of Troy Vincent, Brian Dawkins, and Bobby Taylor.  And I vowed if they ever had a card together I would grab it.

Well a trio has never happened.  But a duo did of Dawkins and Vincent, way back in 2002.  I found out about it around 2009, found proof it existed in like 2013, and then...crickets.

Until I found it on COMC for like $11 this year.  Easiest purchase ever.
It's simple, but I absolutely love this card.  Two defensives bosses in one, and I like that they went one green and one white jersey piece to give some variety.  Awesome card, good start.

Next up is the first legit patch of this package, and there are a few.  This one is a really nice Pro Bowl patch of Ovie Mughelli.

Mughelli probably isn't a name most of you know, but he was a two time All Pro, one time Pro Bowler, and a super good blocking back in his day.  He actually briefly held the record for biggest FB contract which is pretty damn badass.  So it's awesome having this tribute to a cool fullback.

Next patch goes to a dude I used to collect pretty hard, Tyronn Lue.  I had a nice patch of his back in the day but sold it to make some coin.  I decided I finally needed a new patch of his and I love the look of this one.
Pretty sweet little patch, I think it's from the L in Lakers.

The next patch is of an absolute goat...Nathan Peterman!
So anyone who follows football knows that Peterman is...not that great at it.  But he keeps hanging around, and I love underdogs, so one night I threw like $4 at this card.  I think it was worth it!

Moving back to basketball, Michael Redd was a player I always I went with a nice patch card of his.
Less sure what this is a from...maybe part of the words in Bucks  Maybe the 22?  Regardless I love it!

On to a patch that might be my favorite of the whole lot...the original Dirty Bird - Jamal Anderson!
I love these little corner patch's just a cool swatch to get.  So to get one of a RB who was a pretty big deal to me as a kid (Remember, 1998 had a big effect on my football fandom and the Falcons were the ultimate underdogs that year) is pretty dang cool!

Another great RB patch is this one of Domanick Davis, who later became Domanick Williams.
My brother was a huge Texans fan when they first came around (His 2002 was like my 1998), and so Domanick Davis was one of his absolute faves.  So once I saw this nice little patch on the cheap, I knew I had to have it!

Last RB of the post (And second to last card) belongs to this Ricky Williams football piece.  Ricky Williams drafting was a wild story, and his career was pretty equally wild, so I really wanted some material card of his in a Saints uniform.
So here one is!  Love the little bit of the football logo in the piece, and it's just a damn nice card all around!  Cool to have a good card for this fellow.

Last but not least is a card that will now come out around our house every year - another christmas hat card!
My wife loves "The Good Place," and one of the weird side parts of that show is a character who is obsessed with the Jaguars and loves Blake Bortles.  So when I found this card with its wacky Christmas spirit, I knew I had to have it!  So every holiday season now, this will come out along with my Seneca Wallace quad hat card and our little pope card XMas ornament.  Weird holiday season cards for the win!

Happy holidays to you all!

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  1. Congratulations on receiving your COMC order. Those patches are sweet. Hope you and your family have a safe and warm holiday season!