Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Ben Gay 1/1! Plus some other odds and ends

Ebay's saved searches are a beautiful thing.  Without it, all sorts of cards are bought and sold without my knowledge.  With it, I sometimes get some really cool stuff.  In this example, the only true 1/1 in the world of a player I collect.

Now I was super excited when I received the only 1/1 of Corey Alston, and that was an aftermarket money maker for the National.  So you can imagine how excited I was when I was when Ben Gay's Fleer Showcase Masterpiece pop up on the 'Bay.  Some random seller had about 60 cards to post, and they were all pretty rare, ranging from Curtis Enis 1/1s to Super Rave parallels.  A few of the auctions ended before Ben Gay's did, and they were ending in the $60-$100 range.  I think the Enis went for like $80!  

Fortunately, no one ever pays big money for the folks I collect, so a crisp Jackson was enough for this:

How flipping cool is that folks?  I still honestly can't believe I own a Masterpiece Collection card, let alone one of a guy I collect!

The excitement of that purchase got me looking at my Ben Gay collection to see if there was anything else I needed available on Ebay.  And thankfully there was!  Pacific always had a bunch of weird parallels back in the day, which unfortunately for sellers never tend to resell well.  So for a song, I was able to pick up the LTD parallel (/71) and the Extreme LTD parallel (/24) from the same guy:

Ebay saved search helped me out on a few other cards that week as well.  The first of three was a Shantee Orr card that looked pretty normal...

But which had an in-person autograph on the back, which I had yet to acquire:

Very stoked about that!  I know a million years ago on the blogs there was the idea of having a RC, auto, and relic for each player you collect.  I think my version of that is a 1/1 and an autograph, so I'm always happy to make progress towards that, especially when it's in cool gold sharpie!

The final two cards come from my goofiest saved search, which is for Samuel Deduno's Bowman card.  I'll buy pretty much any version of his card if it's under $1, and both of these were, again from the same seller - a chrome refractor /500 (My 8th) and a chrome blue refractor /150 (My 3rd):

Those guys bring me to 82 total Dedunos so far, which includes one IP autograph and a printing plate 1/1 as well.  So I'd say the state of the PC is currently going pretty well y'all.  

See ya again when my next COMC delivery arrives!


  1. Nice stuff. Congrats on the pickups! Always fun to see that Samuel Deduno card in its many forms.

  2. A. Congratulations! To be the proud owner of the only 1 of 1 card of a player you collect is truly awesome.

    B. Ben Gay has to be one of the coolest names in the history of sports. Just curious... who would make your Mount Rushmore of coolest names in sports history? Would Ben be up there?

    1. A: OH YEAH!
      B: Hmmm, great question. Off the top of my head I know Wonderful Terrific Monds III and Rusty Kuntz are there. My other two are probably Harry Colon and Misty Hyman, although Ten Million is right there as well.

    2. That's one helluva Mt. Rushmore! Harry Colon is awesome!