Thursday, August 11, 2022

My Latest COMC Shipment and the revival of two former PCs

Man, what would my collecting life be like without Check Out My Cards?  Whether I'm hitting the boards constantly like I was back in 2010 or I'm just casually browsing cards like I do today, nothing quite hits the spot like a nice little bulk mail from COMC.  My most recent arrival proved this true yet again.  Let's see what was inside!

The first card is really significant, as it pushes my Shyrone Stith PC progress JUST past my Seneca Wallace PC progress (89% to 88.8%).  Wild to think of how close I am to 100% on both of those guys.  Anywho, it's a pretty cool parallel from Playoff Momentum /70:

I had the X's parallel which is much less rare, and this completes the set!  Always a great feeling.

It wouldn't be COMC if I didn't grab a bunch of random autographs and patches.  This time I grabbed the following seven:
Always been a Toby Harris fan for whatever reason.  He's crazy overpaid, but that's good for him honestly!

Two seasons ago in fantasy basketball, I was in the finals with no chance.  I added Khyri Thomas on a prayer, and he did okay even though I still got destroyed.  He then was available as a rosterable player in 2K22 street ball this year.  Totally the kind of random guy who is perfect for my collection.

Okeke is a fantasy basketball guy as well.  He was on and off my team this year and had multiple games of 4+ steals, which is huge in category leagues.

I love a scrappy backup QB, and Thigpen was very much that from 2007-2012, with a decent 11 starts in 2008.

Glennon is also a scrappy backup type, though the bloom has fallen off the rose significantly in recent years.  I thought he was cool in Tampa Bay though, and he's got a decent signature, first name-wise at least.

Picked this up mainly for The League reference (And because it was super cheap).  Isaiah Pead!

And as a New Englander, nice Red Sox patches are pretty cool.  Especially when they're of former soft tossing lefties who had decent enough careers and are numbered /25.

I picked up a few random non-hits as well:

The Wakefield Chicle is an all time awful card, and I needed to finally own it.  Belichick's card is his RC, which is also a must have for a New England guy.  Then I just grabbed a few players who I thought were cool.  Rock Cartwright for his Madden days and great kick returning.  Gordon for the kick returning.  Craig Robertson since he was kinda cool with the Browns for a bit.  And Tavecchio, aka "Italian Ice," for his awesome nickname and brief success with the Raiders.

The last thing I did was grab a few more PC cards.  The first two PCs are returning, those of God Shammgod and Wonderful Terrific Monds.  I collected both guys back in my early blogging days, and eventually got about as far as I could.  I then sold off most of those collections when I needed money since they were pretty stagnant.  Now that I'm more financially secure, I'm back in.  It's kind of a dumb choice with Shammgod, as his weird parallels are like $100 cards now that I once sold for like $10.  But I'll see how far I can get with both collections, and my current progress is in the links above!

The final PC I added to was my Samuel Deduno cup card PC.  It's coming along nicely, and remains both my dumbest PC and my favorite PC outside of Seneca Wallace and Shyrone Stith.  I keep the cards sleeved in a cardboard box, and it's always a joy to open that box and see so many cup cards smiling back at me.  The cool thing about this COMC purchase was that I actually grabbed two new versions of the card that I didn't already have.  One is the base white parallel, /120:

And the other is the chrome gold parallel /50:

That leaves just the base red, chrome red, and chrome orange as parallels I have yet to get (Aside from the 1/1's).  I'm sure I'll track some of them down soon enough!


  1. Sweet patches... but that Wakefield is in a league of his own.

  2. Dear lord why couldn't Bowman have made cards with photos like the Deduno more often? Now that I know that they could do it, it makes me more annoyed at them.