Sunday, November 27, 2022

The Newest Deduno, paired with another VHS

I typically try to purchase Dedunos in lots, either in a big group of Dedunos or as throw-ins that are part of a bigger purchase.  But every now and then I buy one solo if the circumstances are right.

The other day an auction started at 10 cents with free shipping.  I SHOCKINGLY was the only bidder, and for 11 cents (Taxes NOOOOOOO) another base Bowman Deduno was mine.  Here he is along with David Cronenberg's 1983 classic, Videodrome: 

On the card side of things, this get was exciting as it puts me at 98 Dedunos in the collection!  Very close to 100, can't wait to break that magical number.

On the VHS side of things, Videodrome is...wild.  I actually first saw it in college as part of a Cinema Studies course I was in.  Our professor LOVED horror and so in our Cinema 101 class that covered the breadth of cinema and exposed us to many of the most important films of all time, we had one week where we watched the original Halloween...and Videodrome.  

Now Halloween can be argued as cinematic classic, one of the best horror films of all time.  It spawned so many copycats and even today it's an incredible watch with a major following.'s different.  If you've seen any Cronenberg movies (The Fly, The Brood, Scanners, 1994's Crash), they're typically filled with body horror and have weird sex stuff going on, and you definitely get a lot of both of those in Videodrome.  It's a sort of fever dream of James Woods doing all sorts of weird stuff, including putting a gun that's melted into his hand into his stomach in a very sexual way.  It was a wild watch back in college, and it's still a pretty weird one today.  Maybe just as weird as collecting a bunch of one card like I am with Deduno.  But nah...probably weirder!

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  1. Not familiar with Deduno... but pretty sure I watched Videodrome back in the 80's.