Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Watching Items on Ebay: Let The Offers Pour In!

Something I noticed recently as a seller on Ebay was that you have the option to send offers to anyone watching your stuff.  So I can literally be like, "Hey thanks for watching my auction for random bad movie, buy it now for 30% off since you watched it!"  Kind of a neat little feature to reward those who watch items.

I decided I wanted to try being one of those buyers myself, so I watched a few Mike James cards that I needed for the collection.  And soon enough, I had ALL THE OFFERS!

Okay, more like two offers.  But that was pretty darn good for one day.

Both offers were more than fair, so I accepted, paid, and waited.  About a week later I had two excellent, very rare Jameses to add to the collection, both of the former NFL RB.  The first is my first 2013 Crown Royale autograph from his rainbow, numbered to just 10! 

I had cards from the 2013 non-autographed rainbow and the 2014 autographed rainbow, but I was real slow to start on this 2013 autographed version.  It might be my favorite of the three sets, so it's nice to get one of the rarer cards (Though there are two 1/1's, two /5's, and one more /10) out of the way so quickly.  And...spoiler alert...I bought a few more on COMC recently that you may see here in a month.  So I guess I'm making good progress on this set now!

The other Mike James I grabbed is a /25 auto from Totally Certified.

I somehow had none of the cards from this set as well, so starting with one of the rarer ones is, again, a good thing.  I like that the sets just called "Awesome Autographs.:  Nothing fancy, just a little alliteration on a shiny card with a player's auto.  A pretty solid card to me!

So two new cards to my collection, with less than $7 spent combined thanks to offers.  I'd say I found a new buying hobby!  I'll let y'all know if it bears future fruit.


  1. I've had several dealer send me offers... but I haven't accepted any (yet). I'm sure it'll happen at some point though.