Thursday, December 1, 2022

"Maybe hockey or soccer?" - The newest Mike James

In a recent post, Fuji commented on potential new Mike James to my Mike James collection.  The collection is heavily dominated by four guys (Two NBA players, one NFLer, and the 90's MLB pitcher), but I occasionally find other random Mike James throughout history on cardboard.  And today's newest addition is a hockey goalie.  So Fuji called it!

I present...MIKE JAMES!

I dig cards like these from non-traditional local card companies, and the colors on this overall are pretty great.  Plus it's cool they could get sponsorship from a company as big as Kellogg's.  And a grocery store named Ukrop's - which I had never heard of but which is apparently now Martin's since around 2009.  Regional differences are fun!

As for Mike James, he's the second distinct hockey player in my Mike James collection, but the first goalie.  Born in 1968, there's not a lot out there about him aside from his hockey reference page.  That page mentions a few years with the junior college team the King City Dukes, a college career at the University of Western Ontario, and then two years in the ECHL, first with the Roanoke Valley Rebels and then one final season with these Richmond Renegades.  In the one Renegades season, James went 20-17-1 with 4.61 goals allowed per game and a 85.8 save percentage.  So nothing amazing, but good enough to get him immortalized forever on cardboard, which in itself is pretty priceless.  

So kudos to you Mike James for being the newest Mike James in my collection!  What sport will Mike James play next?  Stay tuned to find out!