Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominees - Grant Balfour, Scott Playfair, Will Shields, Joey Goodspeed

Today the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame receives a quadruple dip of honorees. For your consideration, I contribute:

Grant Balfour. Pretty well known after the Rays surprising run to the title, his name is pretty hilarious because it basically means "issue walk." Which is exactly what he doesn't (but did before last year's success) want to do as a pitcher.
Larry Playfair played hockey from 1974-1990 for the Sabres and the Kings. He didn't meet a lot of success but did serve 1,812 minutes in you have to wonder if he didn't like his name much.
Will Shields was an excellent Guard for the Kansas City Chiefs for a long time. And his name is funny because he protects the QB. But he's also here because the video attached to his name is hilarious.
Joey Goodspeed is an NFL FB who hasn't played since being cut by the Minnesota Vikings in 2006. Apparently he wasn't very fast.

How would Balfour/Playfair/Shields/Goodspeed get into the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame? I don't think most of them would...Playfair and Shields wouldn't have much of a chance at all, Goodspeed maybe. Balfour has easily the best chance because he's already been hyped on other sites and has two names that work together, a crucial component of name voting. I'd say Balfour is in on his 3rd or 4th try, maybe Goodspeed makes it through the Veterans committee. Regardless, whether they really make it or not is up to you!

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