Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ballot Five Update - Chansi Stuckey Needs a Boost

September is finally upon us, and that means that Ballot Five of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame is creeping to a close. We've already beaten Ballot Four's vote total, but I'm still a little saddened by the turnout given all the people who have visited the site recently. But alas.

Regular favorites like Wonderful Terrific Monds and Ben Gay have been tearing up the ballot voting, but STILLL wouldn't make it in if voting ended today. They need a slight boost to get in, so if you think those are good names vote for them!

As for the other end of the spectrum, we officially have 0 names with 0 votes! I usually come up with at least one clunker, but it looks like this time they're all at least decent names. However, there is one player with just one vote - and that's Chansi Stuckey. This is somewhat awkward, as he re tweeted a great sports name thing I sent him and had about 80 of his followers visit my site. But only one of the followers actually voted (kudos to you Iain) and so it didn't do much of anything in terms of support for Chansi.

I know a lot of you hate voting in the comments section for one reason or another. For all of you this applies to, I've got two strong words: "C'mon!"

If you haven't yet, please vote. Give Monds that boost, give Chansi a second vote, give someone I didn't mention some love, but make your voice heard.


  1. Speaking of Jets do you have David Clowney?

  2. Do you mean as in cards? Sadly I don't, my football card collection is mostly limited to older cards, though I do have a small sampling of stuff from like 2005.