Monday, September 7, 2009

Dinged Corners Six-Cards-in-30 Seconds Binder Test

The bloggers over at Dinged Corners did a fun little thing yesterday. In 30 seconds, flip through a binder and find 6 cards that make you particularly happy. David from Tribe Cards, Matt from Heartbreaking Cards, and dayf from Cardboard Junkie got it on it too, so I figured I'd give it a try myself.

Let me tell you: Trying to pick 6 cards you especially like out of a binder of cards you especially like is hard in 30 seconds. I only made it like 5 of 40 pages in, but I'm happy with the results. Which are all football by the way, because the front of my "likes" binder is football, then baseball, then basketball, then randoms (where Splinter and Sloth rest).

Without further adieu, the six:

1. 2000 Fleer Metal #76 Shaun King (one of my favorite football players ever thanks to a MNF comeback over the Packers a thousand years ago. And it's Metal.)

Shaun King
2. 2000 Topps Season Opener #45 Darrin Chiaverini (Love the names, love how those Browns colors pop right off the card, love that Chiaverini was a poor man's Wayne Cherbet.)

Darrin Chiaverini
3. 1999 Bowman's Best #89 Napoleon Kaufman (Shiny lines, love the weird sort of field to his left. He looks like he's swooshing, which I love.)

Napoleon Kaufman
4. 1998 Fleer Metal Universe #160 Ricky Proehl (If I could do it again I think this card would be my Pacific Crown Shyrone Stith instead, but not a bad card. And again, very shiny Fleer Metal.)

Ricky Proehl
5. 1999 Upper Deck MVP #68 Charlie Batch (I am not a pack buyer. I tend to buy those $2 plastic bags filled with 150 cards worth of bad wax. That's just how I roll. But the one pack I used to buy (and love) was Upper Deck's 1999 MVP set. Lots of QB rookies (Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf, Batch here) and I actually sort of like the design, even if it is a little silly in it's attempt to be cool in future-y. As a matter of fact, I'm not officially going to try and build this set. It's on my want list, if you can help me finish it let me know!

My favorite part about this card? It sits side my side with my Leaf MVP rookie in the notebook. This is one of my favorite cards ever I think.

Charlie Batch
6. 2001 Upper Deck Victory #430 Tim Hasselbeck (This is the one card I knew I was going to pull once I opened the binder. He has my name, he was the worst player in Madden 04 with a 37 rating, he's Matt's little brother, and he's married to a lady from the view. Quite a story for a career backup QB.)

Tim Hasselbeck

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