Friday, September 11, 2009

GSNHOF Nominee - Dimaster Delgado

Ballot Five of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame ended on Monday, and it's now Friday. Clearly I'm behind in throwing up a new name for you all to guffaw at.

Well, worry no more, your guffaws are free to roam. Today's name: Dimaster Delgado.

Coming to us from minors moniker madness, Dimaster's name works for me on several levels. It's alliterative, his first name is dangerously close to everyone's favorite workout product, and he shares a last name with (among others) one of the more underrated sluggers in baseball today. Solid stuff all, and so I've got no problem adding this guy as a GSNHOF nominee.

A look at his stats, however, brings questions of whether we'll see this name at the major league level. There's even a scouting report up on Scouting the Sally's blog which I found pretty cool. I guess he finds Dimaster to be pretty good, but thinks he needs to bulk up/condition better while working on making his delivery more consistent.

Here's to hoping that Dimaster can make those changes. Just think of that Braves rotation in a few years: Jair Jurrgens, Kenshin Kawakami, Dimaster Delgado. It's an alliteration fan's dream!