Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tyronn Lue Cards and Some Ticket Autos from the Past

I know a lot of you don't follow basketball, and so you probably have no idea who Tyronn Lue is. But I've recently learned that his cards are truly ridiculous, and you especially need to see two of these cards to believe them.

2000 Hoops #7
okay, now that's pretty embarrassing, being blocked on the front of your card. But this card gets even better.
The back is just...wow. My favorite part, which is hard to notice at first, is the terrible blown up tyronn lue name (I guess TONN UE) in the background. So pixelated...it's awful. Of course you all probably notice the little skybox thunder esque chat with Tyronn under his picture. It reads "The Lakers know what time it is. They tried to bring you along slowly but, Ty, your talent had you ballin' real minutes by season's end. Is Showtime back? Uh-huh."

Being blocked + terrible pixelation + reference to an amazing team that Lue never equaled = amazing. My second favorite Tyronn Lue card ever.

1998 Press Pass #16
This, my friends, is the best Tyronn Lue card of all time. Why? Because it showcases one of the best foreground lurkers of all time! That'd be Paul Pierce, now of the Boston Celtics, but who played college ball at Kansas. One of my favorite Celtics takes on my favorite player, mano a mano. And the greatest part? It looks like Lue is going way down. This could be a pretty good Paul Pierce card. As a Lue card it kind of sums up my love of underdogs. There's a chance that shot is going in, sure, but it's a pretty small chance. But I root anyway.

Changing gears now, with a little flashback. Second baseball game I ever went to was in beautiful Camden Yards, when the Orioles took on the Oakland A's.
Players I remember who were in the game:
Timmy Hudson being absolutely dominant - 7.1 IP, 1 hit, 4 BB, 5 K
Chuck McElroy and Jose Mercedes! I loved great names at an early age, and Chuck always had sweet specs.
Olmedo Saenz - Also a great name, but he doubled in 2 runs as well.
Mike Bordick and Jason Johnson - hard workers who did okay in the losing effort for the O's.

Players I do not remember who were in the game:
Ben Grieve - I saw Ben Grieve play? Honestly he's probably the only Athletic that I don't remember. I loved how scrappy the O's were, with guys like Matt Stairs and Terrence Long. I was definitely biased towards the away team (sorry Ryan and Beardy)
Albert Belle - Strange I don't remember him, he's one of my little brother's all time favorite player. I guess he did go 0-4 with a strikeout.
Al Reyes - I just didn't know him at the time. But I guess he intentionally walked Terrence Long. Why, we'll never know.

Changing gears again (slightly). Old Worcester Ice Cats Ticket Stubs! With post game player signatures! And free McDonald's stuff!

First the old two signatures one ticket deal. I believe the lower left one is Brent Johnson. Couldn't tell you what the other mess is though. Are there maybe 3 signatures here?

My favorite hockey player ever, Terry Virtue. Ah now there's a signature.

Another unknown (thought it was Terry but think not). And also this ticket is crazy worn for some reason.

And last but not least, Stephane Roy. I think he slightly surpassed Virtue for favorite Ice Cat for a month or two, but Virtue won out in the end. Regardless, this signature looks incredible in my binder, where I finally decided to put all these things.

And there you have it. Time to get back to homework! Hope you guys like the photos!

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