Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Most Ridiculous (ly Awesome) Christmas Gift Ever

When some of you look at my wantlists in the sidebar, you probably do a double take. Fred McGriff makes enough sense, as does my set building and some of the other stuff, but then you come to an unfamiliar name: Kywin Supernaw. Maybe you then look up his name to see what comes up. His NFL stats don't tell you much (17 games over 3 seasons with 3 games started, 14 tackles). Neither does an image search, though thanks to google's weird search function a bunch of my Fred McGriff pictures now show up if you google image search Kywin Supernaw. So I guess you could tell that I've written about Kywin once or twice.

Well Kywin was a football video game favorite of mine back in the day (we're talking like Madden 2001 and NFL2K). It started out because of his name, but ended up because of his talent, and he was the starting free safety/kick returner on many of my teams back in the day. Great player and I always hoped he's succeed, but injuries knocked him out of the game before he could really make an impact, which sucked.

Injuries also knocked Kywin out of the game before card companies got a chance to make him a card (at least as far as I've seen), and I don't think any other real memorabilia of his exists. So what's a good player collector to do when he has nothing to player collect? Well, make some memorabilia I guess. And so, after searching the web, amazon wishlisting a site for my dad and waiting until Christmas, I bring to you, the Kywin Supernaw jersey.

and Back:
One of a kind for certain, and possibly the only piece of Kywin Supernaw memorabilia out there. I'm glad I've got it, and definitely want to thank my dad for getting this totally weird (yet totally awesome) tribute to an IU alum who played some great football when given the chance.

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