Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bipped by Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life!

1 in 4 Card Bloggers will get Bipped this year alone.

That might not mean much to a lot of you out there. I mean, there's a 75% chance you'll never be Bipped. So it could never happen to you, right? You're safe, you've done your time, you take precautions. Well I am here today, my friends, to let you know that you CAN be Bipped, because it happened to me. And now, days after receiving my Bipping, I am finally strong enough to tell you my story. May it be a lesson to you all.

I recently send Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! a package, which may or may not have had a Bipping in it. He assured me in his trade post that the Bipping would be returned: "Don't worry, SpastikMooss, you're going to get an even bigger Bippage from another card in that same set, coincidentally."

I knew he said it, but he couldn't have meant it. Me=Bipped? No way! Couldn't happen.

Well, I got his package on Friday, and the contents were glorious. Enough 1989 Topps to put me TEN CARDS short of base set completion. He also sent me a bunch of 1992 Topps for that set I'm building as well as two very cool 1995 Topps for the third Topps set I'm building (On a related note, If you want to help me finish any of these three sets or the other ones I'm working on, then you can check out my needs here).

Then I got to the bottom of the pile and found a folded over piece of paper, with cards inside. Here's what it read on top:
For those that can't read it, it says, "Bipped! Kelly Mann made his MLB debut against the Padres 9-4-89. Bip Roberts was the SD leadoff hitter and went 4-5 with 2 runs scored as SD beat ATL 10-9."

So a nice little tie in there between Bip Roberts and Kelly Mann, followed by a nice little Kelly Mann card.
For a Rated Rookie, Mann sure didn't do much. 7 games in his rookie year of 1989, followed by 10 games in 1990, followed by no more playing time. Lifetime slash line of .173/.189/.288 in 52 at bats. So not the greatest player ever, but it's cool that he once played against Bip! And surely that's the only link to Bip from thi...
Uh oh. They're multiplying. Say it ain't so!
Ahhh stopppp!So many Rated Rookie symbols! I wonder if Mr. Mann has the least games played of any Rated Rookie?
NOOOOESS! Bats a plenty! I've been Bipped!
18 1990 Donruss Kelly Mann = One Solid Bipping. It took me days to get those red borders with black speckles out of my head, and I don't know if I'll ever see a Rated Rookie the same way again. I suppose I did Bip Bo, meaning that I had it coming. But let this be a warning to all of you out there who haven't been Bipped yet: It is only a matter of time before you or someone (else) you know is Bipped!

(Thanks Bo!)


  1. Oooof. Bipped by 1990 Donruss. That's painful.

    I suppose it could have been 1991 Fleer though.

  2. Night Owl - Funny to me because I sent Bo like 20-30 1991 Fleers with the original bipping. Bo has weird taste in cards.