Friday, January 22, 2010

We Can't Stop Here - This is Bipping Country (Bipped by Crawford Cards, and Man it was a Doozy)!

Man, I walked right into this one.

With my little Bo Bip, I sort of knew that something was coming. I Bipped him, he threated to Bip me back, and so it went. This time around I had no idea, and Carl Crawford Cards got me real good as a result. Even though I should have seen it coming.

Here's the message he sent me prior to the Bipping:

"Quick question: is there a printing variation of the '88 Donruss McGriff? I was, ummm, getting a package together to send you and have, ummm, several copies with solid blue in the top left and bottom right corners and one copy has them in the top right/bottom left. Weird."

I hadn't heard of a variation, and so I was PSYCHED! Yet I somehow looked over the "several copies" part. So when I received a package of cards from CCC today, I tore open the package, and was very confused to find this card:
Carl Crawford? CCC must have me confused with the Troll or something. At least it's the Derek Jeter devil horns douche bag short print, a card surely coveted by Sooz of A Cardboard Problem.

Wait...there's no DJ DHDB SP of this Crawford card? That could only mean one thing...

Like Laurie Strode in Halloween right before she finds Judith Myers sitting on the bed, I slowly turned the cards over. I knew what to expect, but that didn't make it any less horrifying.
My, that's an awful lot of blue+black 1988 Donruss borders behind the Crawford card. Maybe CCC was helping me complete the set?

Or maybe I've been BIPPED!
By the way I did throw this Crawford card straight into my binder haha.

I present to you the first card I saw, a 1988 Donruss McGriff. Notice the blackness in the upper right and bottom left hand corners. This is typical of a 1988 Donruss McGriff.

This is the next card I saw, the (misprint?) 1988 Donruss McGriff with blackness in the upper left hand and lower right hand corners. I have never seen this variation before, and neither had CCC apparently. I don't know exactly how rare it is, but I'd say that the odds of finding this alternate bordered McGriff are 1:29. How so exact, you wonder?

Well, take a look for yourself:
29 freakin' McGriffs! As Thorzul has said in the past, not such a bad Bipping, especially since Fred is my favorite player of all time. That's still quite the number of McGriffs though - potentially a Bipping quantity record?

For this last picture, I pulled out my last Bipping and put it with the current Bipping. All those Kelly Manns need some friends, and there isn't a better friend in the cardboard world than the Crime Dog IMO.
So I've now been Bipped twice, and CCC got me damn good. Thanks for the weird alternate border card CCC - and for all 28 other 1988 Donruss McGriffs as well!


  1. The sad thing is I apparently have been Bipping myself for years. I've been known to buy lots exactly like those being shipped all over the place as Bippings. I think I cured myself of the sickness, finally.

  2. No worries!

    That McGriff inverted borders card is one of the strangest things I've seen. I mean, it's even rarer than the Jeter devil horns short print.

  3. Haha I've bipped myself too FOC, and with McGriffs - sometimes I buy those 500 card lots on ebay in hopes of getting some new ones. Never 29 different versions of the same card though!

    And I agree CCC - I haven't even seen a 1988 Donruss with borders like that, let alone a McGriff one. It's in my McGriff binder now as a parallel haha.