Monday, March 15, 2010

Cards from BA Benny, aka ONE CARD FROM 1989 BASE COMPLETION!

Thanks to BA Benny and this Willie McGee,
I am now ONE CARD SHORT of completing my very first set, the 1989 Topps base set. The one card left? #338, Jim Adduci. If you have it, pretty pretty pretty please let me know, and we'll work something out. This could be the beautiful end to something that started about 14 years ago (with a break in between when I quit collecting).

Of course, that's not all I got in this trade. BA Benny actually sent me a pretty decent box o' cards, all of which were really great. The bulk of the box was Red Sox, Brownies, and Patriots. Below is my picture of those piles with two of my favorites (Daniel Bard RC and Brandon Meriweather RC) alongside two former Brownies (Brady "Sucks" Quinn and Braylon "No Hands" Edwards).
To be fair I actually liked Braylon (despite the dropsies), and I don't actually hate Quinn like many Browns fans do. But Seneca Wallace is one of my favorite players and Jake Delhomme used to be one of my favorite underdog quarterbacks, and so I'm very happy to see Quinn leave town.

I also got some other collecting needs in the package, including some McGriffs, some ManRams, some Sheffs, and even a serial numbered card to join my serial number collection. That card is actually this Joe Thomas auto, numbered 546/699, and it puts me at 28 total serial numbered cards currently. It's a real beauty - my only real problem with this card is the sticker auto. But then, isn't that our problem with every auto nowadays?

Then we have the McGriff, a 1996 Bazooka. This one deserves its own post someday to showcase its backside. It's very busy, and pretty awkward.

Now for a few wacky cards. First we've got Danny Darwin, apparently on "bring your kid to work" day:

Followed by a puffed-up Jeff Niemann, one of the inaugural members of the Rusty Kuntz Fun Bunch, me and Beardy's entry into the infamous Card Blog League.

And finishing up the wackiness, an unfortunate scoreboard placement on a Jason Bay card. Given the foreboding and degree of difficulty on this catch, I'm guessing that Bay did in fact make an error here. Absolutely horrendous fielder.

This last card is a simple one that I really like. It's a plain white swatch and the team says Indians, but the guy is Trot Nixon, pictured with the Red Sox.
Trot was a true gamer and a fan favorite for many in Red Sox Nation, including myself, so it's cool to get a jersey card of his, whatever team he's playing for. So this card was a nice end to an excellent package.

Thanks BA Benny!


  1. I have a couple of those Adduci cards (#338). Let me know if you are still looking for this card.

  2. I have your #338 to finish the set. I might what you need for the traded set somewhere too, just need to find them. I will send you an e-mail with the list of what I find.

  3. Either/or - email me at gsnhof at gmail dot com if you want to set something up. I'd love the traded stuff too mariner, though I don't have the griffey junior and probably don't have enough to get it from ya haha.