Monday, March 22, 2010

Trading a 2000 Matt Clement for a 1978 Dick Lines thanks to Bloggers! I love the Million Card Giveaway!

Condition: Poor is attempting to trade a 1988 Team Leaders card that he redeemed through the Million Card Giveaway old a card as he can get I guess. According to updates, he has currently moved from 1988 junk to a 1985 Carlton Fisk...not too shabby.

Well hopefully he hasn't given up yet, because I'm here to say that you can trade way back. In my case, 32 years back. My 2000 Matt Clement is now a 1968 Dick Lines, and I couldn't have done it without three card bloggers. How cool is that?

The story goes a little something like this:
1. In early March, I put out an SOS for MCG Redemptions, as I had none.

2. A few days later Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! sent me an email offering a code he didn't want. I happily accepted.

3. I redeemed it and pulled a 2000 Topps Matt Clement. Not too bad really...
but not something I wanted to keep, so I offered it up for a variety of cards (1999 Brian Hunter, Rusty Kuntz cards, Pete LaCock cards).

4. Blogger 2, Charley of Behind These Hazel Eyes, happened to have a 1978 Pete LaCock. So when I next went to check my collection at the Million Card Giveaway Site, I saw I was now the proud owner of a 1978 Pete LaCock!
Obviously I was one trade I had gone back 22 years, and it was an awesome card to boot. The grimaced face, the awkward chin's all too good. I was set to ship for this, and would gladly have paid for it.

5. But THEN Dave of Cardboard Junkie, aka blogger #3, stepped in. He mentioned that he had recently spotted a dude named Dick Lines on the site, which instantly piqued my curiosity. I had never even heard of him, let alone seen one of his cards. So in a last ditch effort, I offered my 1978 LaCock for a 1968 Lines card, thinking that maybe LaCock's impeccable image and nefarious name would win Lines' owner over.

And a few days later, the 1968 Dick Lines WAS MINE!
I really couldn't be much more excited: I didn't have any Senators cards and I didn't have any Dick Lines cards, and now I will have both!

6. Though I should admit that I've still offered a few trades with this card...specifically two: 1952 Gus Zernial and 1952 Larry Jansen. Two of the wackiest cards in the set, and both worth like $15, so I probably don't have a shot. But then again, who would've thought that a 2000 Matt Clement could have become a 1968 Dick Lines?

Thanks to Bo, Charley, and Dave for all of the help! And 1978 Pete LaCock...I hope there are no hard feelings. Someday you will be mine...oh will be mine!


  1. Wow, that worked out well for you. I've haven't had that kind of trading luck on the MCGS at all.

  2. I definitely couldn't have done it without Charley. That first 22 year leap was probably the hardest part.

  3. Awesome! I knew you would enjoy that!