Saturday, March 27, 2010

Million Card Giveaway Update 5: I Now Have 14 Cards! YIKES!

Man...that added up quick. Thanks to a few more bloggers, I now have 14 cards, plus 4 I'm keeping (a 2005 José López is now in the mix). From here on out I'll post my MCG cards in the sidebar of this blog so I don't keep filling up your subscription pages. But here's one last hurrah - check out my cards, and if you want any feel free to offer a lot of cards for them! The only one I'm looking to hold on to is the 1971 Marshall, and that's only because I'm trying to use it to trade for one of two 1973 cards (Hank Aaron and Luis Meléndez) or a 1969 card (Aurelio Rodriguez, aka the batboy card). Otherwise, go nuts!
Lot 1 (of 3)
From top left to bottom right: 1987 Don Sutton, 1988 Hubie Brooks, 1979 Ben Oglivie, 1999 Jose Guillen, 2002 Mark Johnson, 1976 Bruce Miller

Lot 2
From top left to bottom right: 1978 Pete LaCock, 1979 Darrell Jackson, 1971 Dave Marshall, 2001 Brian Meadows, 1981 Alan Trammell, 1988 Kirk McCaskill

Lot 3
From left to right: 1988 Dwayne Murphy, 1987 Lance McCullers

Offer away! Even if it's like 3 80/90/00 cards for the Miller card, I'll probably accept!

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