Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mailbox Goodies: Stuff from Emerald City Diamond Gems and a McGriff from Night Owl!

Damn it feels good to be a set builder.

As many of you know, I recently put out an all call for one 1989 Topps card, in hopes of finishing my very first base set. I ended up getting the card from my Dad (thanks again Dad!), but was offered the card by several bloggers as well, including Larry of Emerald City Diamond Gems. Larry offered not only the one 1989 base card, but also most of the 1989 Topps Traded set that I didn't have and a bunch of 1995 Topps cards that I needed as well. I couldn't say no to that, so I sent him some Mariners and happily awaited my side of the trade!

The package started out well enough, as I now only need 5 of the 1989 Topps Traded cards for a complete set! Of course, two of those five are Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson, so we'll see how long that takes. It's nice to be close though!

Then I was bipped. Actually one of the classier bips I've ever seen, and I think you'll all agree:
Some late 70's and early 80's Topps...can't be upset with that! Larry told me he had heard of me bipping a few people...I do admit that this was some well deserved payback!

The real focus of this package, for me, were the 1995 cards. 1995 Topps was the second set I ever tried to collect (after 1989) and is the only set I ever dedicated a binder to. The shots are just so interesting on so many of these cards! Just take a look at these three cards below: two show the strange multi shot/morphy images common to the set, and the middle Mike Devereaux is just...crazy.

The backs are also really cool, both in their lack of stats (since 1994 was a strike year, it's stats look strange compared to years past), tiny player images, and rambling anecdotes. Two of my favorites from this package were a tale of how Ernest Borgnine caused Matt Mieske to homer:

And this promotional ad for Otis Nixon's electronics/spy gear/shady store:
(Free autographed ball with a purchase of $100.)

Awesome, no?

1995 Topps also had these "cyber stats" cards, which were just normal fronts + shiny-ness with simulated full season stats on the back. Here's an Aaron Sele I got in the package...notice the gorgeous, shiny shiny front:

And then here's the back. Not a bad simulated year for Sele, especially on a bad Red Sox team.
Thanks so much for the cards Larry! I'm now so much closer to completing two sets thanks to you!

Tagging along with this set building trade post is a lone Fred McGriff, courtesy of the great Night Owl. Night Owl sent me some goodies for someone else recently (and I'm really excited as this little secret collection is almost complete - waiting on only 2 people!), but he threw in three goodies for me as well: two Red Sox and a McGriff. The Sox were awesome, but I'm just posting the McGriff, which I really really really like (and am surprised I did not have!)

It's a 1997 Score, and the front's pretty epic:
Ooh. Ahh.

The back is neat too, especially because it calls Fred one of the classiest players in the league.
I also just like the crazy amount of stats on this card. Home...away...fielding...it's all good. I like my card backs filled with numbers, so this really hit the spot. Thanks Night Owl!


  1. Funny how that McGriff snuck in there.

    That '95 set sure is interesting. One day I'll really focuse on it.

  2. Sorry about the bip. It looks even worse now that I've seen them layed out. Just glad I was able to help on the sets.

  3. Mariner1 - Hahaha it's all good, I still love a good bipping! Especially if it's older stuff...the bulk of my cards start at 1986, so anything before that is cool, even if it's like 20 of that card.

    Night Owl - I'm trying to sneak him into as many posts as I can. I'm still trying to post every single McGriff I have by the end of the year...don't think that's gonna happen haha.