Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My First TTM! Everyone's Favorite TTMer...WITH A TWIST!

Yes it's Pat Neshek...but wait til you see what he signed!

I sent out a few TTM's last August and November, and by now was expecting none back. My only real hope had been Neshek, but I sent it to Minnesota when he was down South. Major bummer...until I went to the mailbox and saw my own chicken scratch staring back at me:
You all have no idea (well maybe you do if you ever got a TTM) how I felt when I saw this. 4 months seems like forever when you're waiting, and the wait was finally over! WOOHOOOO!

But...what did he send? See, I don't have a lot of newer cards, so I put two weird cards in there and asked him to sign them. I didn't know if he would, and figured this was potentially why I hadn't received a TTM back yet. I mean...they're pretty random cards for anyone to sign, let alone Pat.

Card #1 was a 1978 Topps Dick Pole. I had two, and as a Great Name lover thought it might be funny to get Pat's sig on it:
No dice, but understood. Who signs someone else's card, regardless of how awesome a card it is?

But card #2...it got signed. BOOOYYY did it ever get signed. It's super random, was gifted to me randomly via David of Tribe Cards, and now exists as one of my favorite cards in my entire collection.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:

My 1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack! #4 The Past Comes Alive, TTMed by Pat Neshek
How freakin' cool/ridiculous is that? I put in one of the most random cards in my entire collection and Pat actually signed it for me. Major kudos to the guy for being a good sport about it, as I lovvve this card.

(Now excuse me as I mark it 1/1 and sell it on ebay for $4658423805423980523590.

JOKING. This one's mine...allllll mine!)

As if that wasn't cool enough, Neshek threw in a promo-y card with his signature as well:
A little worse for wear due to my tiny return envelope, but I ain't complaining, as this one looks sweet as well. I love the display of sidearm action here as well - weird pitching angles are clearly the best pitching angles, every time.

Thanks for giving me TTM hope Mr. Neshek! I thought none of the cards would ever come back, but you went and made me a believer!


  1. That is awesome. Most guys that are given stuff without thier picture on it won't even touch it. Neshek must be a real standup guy.