Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Epic Box of Goodies from Collective Troll

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox the other day and saw this:
I wasn't expecting anything from the Troll, especially not any Cassette Tapes! But as many of us have found out over time, the cardosphere loves to recycle old boxes. So I didn't actually get any cassettes, but rather a box chock full o' cards!

The best part? TONS OF MCGRIFFS!
I took a bad photo so it's hard to see the sheer number of McGriffs here, but I'd say close to 130 in all (at least!). The right pile was new to me (29 new ones!), the middle pile is getting shipped to Carl Crawford Cards one of these days, and the left pile is my doubles pile! Insanity!

Thought I'd showcase a few Freds (briefly, finals week is almost upon me after all). First is the 2000 Pacific parallel madness, which I've already gone through with Gary Sheffield. Same #, practically the same backs, but very different front photos:

Next we have a Topps Stars McGriff, which rates Fred in different categories. Since Fred was really old by the time this card was made, I'm sure he's not too sad about the 1 ratings in speed and defense.

Two more card backs I like: One is a Bowman card featuring a "Now and Then" portion. The other is a Topps Gallery card worth "75 Auction Points." I guess Topps had a mini set of cards you could buy with your auction points, which is kind of cool. But you know what's not cool? There actually wasn't a Fred card in that mini set. Shouldn't the guys on the Auction cards be the guys in the set you're auctioning for?

This back's for Cardboard Junkie. Mr. Lemke dishes his thoughts on the Crime Dog.

Last McGriff of this post is the headless stand up McGriff. If anyone has a version w/ head I would love it, but for now this one makes me chuckle a lot!

I also collect translucent cards, and the Troll hit me up with one of those, this Aubrey Huff:

And everyone loves a Great Name - Here's Steve Cox, with a very awkward photo:
Thanks Troll!


  1. Ha, I bought a whole box (of packs) of those soccer cards back in the day. I think they were only a dollar or two (5, at most) from a hobby shop sale. Or maybe they were free with a $10 purchase. Don't totally remember, I was really young, but I DO remember there being Italian on the cards, which I thought was cool.

  2. So glad you showed that Cox card with his ball showing... I thought you would get a kick out of it. I can't believe I sent you 29 McGriff's that you needed... I am sure I have more but unless I lay them all out on the floor in 200 different piles I can't tell which ones are dupes and which aren't. The skinny is that I will probably have another box of cassettes for you soon... Cheers! Oh-got my first Dewon certified auto and posted it yesterday...