Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a Day! Custom Cards from Big D AND My Bad Jersey Picture made Straight Cash Homey!

Wow, what a couple of days! Yesterday I received a totally awesome bubble mailer from Big D, and today Straight Cash Homey Dot Net lets me know that they're going to use one of my terrible jerseys photos for their site! That's like hitting the lottery twice in two days (or as close as I may ever get to the lottery anyways!).

I'll start with the Big D (aka Hey That's Mine) awesomeness, which was not expected at all. Not only was the package unexpected, but the contents of said package were never expected in a million years. Why, you may ask? Because 2 of the 3 cards he sent were bigD 2010 custom cards, which are completely original and completely AMAZING!

I've been ogling these cards on everyone else's blogs, and now I've got two of my own. The first one is this beautiful Fred McGriff card:
The colors are really cool, the effect is cool, and I like to think that Fred just crushed a homerun in this picture. The catcher's kind of walking off like "damn, that was a shot," and Fred's still holding the bat because even he can't believe how hard he hit it.

Well was it a homerun? Let's check the back, late 90's Upper Deck style:
Haha just kidding, same Big D backs as always. I love the backs though - so good to look at the awesome design on the front and then read "No one else has one, but you" on the back. Take that other Crime Dog collectors (no offense CCC)!

As cool as that card is, I may like the other custom card more. What could I like more than a custom card of my favorite baseball player of all time? Well how about a custom card of my favorite current athlete of any sport, who also happens to be my favorite non-McGriff PC as of late, Mr. Seneca Wallace:
I haven't seen a lot of really green cards, but I think this one totally works. The white border at the bottom is perfect, the bird flying in from the left is so cool, and I like how Seneca kind of glows in the middle. A truly epic card for a truly epic guy! Let's hope he can bring some of that aura to the Browns this year!

So at this point you readers are probably thinking, "Jeez, another post about Fred McGriff and Seneca Wallace? All you ever do is post about those two guys and Tyronn Lue...when are you going to post about some other player's cards?"

The answer is, not tonight. Because Big D also sent one non custom card of my third favorite (behind Seneca and the Crime Dog) player collection: Tyronn Lue.
Ooo, rookie goodness.
Did anyone realize Tyronn was actually originally a Nugget on draft day? The Nuggets traded Lue and Tony Battie for Nick "The Quick" Van Exel, which I hadn't realized. I also hadn't realized that Tyronn is unofficially out of basketball, currently serving as Director of Basketball Development for my hometown Boston Celtics. Who knew? Thanks for all the goodies Big D, you rule!

Last but not least, I thought I'd share the awful jersey picture that became this Straight Cash Homey Dot Net post: Mr. Jason LaRue.Quality stuff!


  1. That McGriff pic inspired me to look it up - the catcher is Tyler Houston - must be the walk off HR from this game, maybe Crime Dog's best of his career:

  2. Thanks Bo! That truly was an epic game, 5-5 with 2 homers, including the game winner with two on and two outs. I love it, and will definitely assume that the card photo is from that game!