Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get along little doggie...

5 major league seasons with a 17-28 record and 76 ERA+ won't get you remembered by many baseball fans.

But receiving a piggy back from your Houston Astros teammate, and then having that incident appear on your baseball card, might:
Sadly, despite this fantastic image, MLB's Ryan Bowen is actually not the most athletic Ryan Bowen. That'd be Ryan Bowen of the Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA Superstar Role Player Conundrum. Despite career averages of 2.6 PPG and 2.1 RPG, Bowen has somehow lasted in the NBA for ten seasons. And he's not even that tall (he's 6' 9")!

Needless to say, I prefer Ryan Bowens of the MLB/Wacky Card Hijink variety.

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