Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cards from Reader Chris

About a week and a half ago, I received an e-mail from a guy named Chris. He had found my blog recently and was wondering if I'd consider buying cards from him. I generally prefer to trade first, buy second, but told him I was game and that I'd see what he could round up. A card search, a few haggling e-mails, and some shipping days later, I have 21 glorious new cards, all of which can find a home in one of my collections!

I ended up buying 6 serial numbered cards from Chris, all of the Topps Gold variety:
Nothing like that shines-when-light-hits-it gold print for the numbers! Bring it back in 2011 Topps!

Chris also sent me a Joakim Soria and a bunch of Gary Sheffields for my PC's, so I'll share a Sheff or two with you. This first one is a 1993 Upper Deck Award Winner card, and it made me realize something crazy that I had somehow missed: Gary Sheffield really wasn't a very good hitter for the Brewers!
In his final year with the Brewers, 1991, Sheff hit a whopping .191. In fact, over his 4 years in Milwaukee, Sheff averaged a .259/.319/.376 line, far below his career average of .292/.393/.514. Sheff really emerged once he left the Brew, and I guess I never realized it until now.

This next pairing is a little odd. Here's two Sheffs from 2000 Pacific. The one on the left is #224. The one on the right is #224.
Confused? Me too.
The backs are identical minus the black and white version of the front picture. I'm thinking one's a parallel, but ah, which one? I'm too lazy to look, but if anyone knows, feel free to comment!

Now we get to the meat of this purchase, the McGrffs! Only 4 this time around, but good cards, including this 2001 Topps Opening Day,

A 2004 Topps Opening Day (apparently Chris really like Opening Day!),

A 2002 Topps Pristine (ooooo fancy shiny circles!),

And a 2004 Topps Hit Parade (Active Hit Leaders). Gotta love that shine!

Thanks for all of the awesome cards Chris!

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