Monday, April 5, 2010

Million Card Giveaway Update: Progress Has Stalled!

Final Update!

Now have 6 cards. Sorted by what I'd like for them:

Will trade for anything, especially if it's on my want list at the bottom of this post:
1987 Dwayne Murphy

Will trade for multiple cards, something cool, something off my want list at the bottom of this post, or an older card:
1976 Maximino Leon
1981 Alan Trammell
1985 Houston Jimenez

Will trade for an older card or something off my want list:
1961 Bob Buhl (I may keep this, but maybe you can sway me)
1979 Fernando Gonzalez (I may keep this, but maybe you can sway me)

These are the cards I'm specifically looking for right now. Maybe you have one?:
1969 Aurelio Rodriguez
1980 Harry Chappas
1982 Rusty Kuntz
1983 Porfirio Altamirano
1998 Weird Indians Card Gary Sheffield
2001 Scott "Roland" Auto (it's Rolen but the system typed his name wrong)
2001 Fred McGriff


  1. I'm going to send an offer for the Saverine since Seators are on my new PC list.

  2. Lol you took my Saverine for the '69 card...I traded back that card for a Saverine again today. Love it!

  3. Very nice...and you ended up with two extra cards!

  4. What does Weird Indians card mean?

  5. It's like a 1997 postseason highlights card or something. It's got Sheffield bumping fists with Bonilla with Marlins and Indians logos in the bottom left corner. It's #279.