Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Massive Lot o' Browns and Patriots from Is This a Wasteland - No It's Tampa Bay Sports

drewscards recently posted about a cool trade with Justin of Is This a Wasteland - No It's Tampa Bay Sports. Apparently Justin is done with his football cards, and is looking to trade entire teams for his needs. I saw that both the Browns and Patriots (my two favorite teams) were available, so naturally I sent him an e-mail. About a week later, he had some goodies from me, and I had this huuuuge box of goodies:
Tons of Browns, tons of Patriots, one 49er (Antonio Bryant pictured in a Browns uniform), and one Raider (Andrew Walter...I think it was stuck to a Braylon Edwards).

My favorite card of the bunch? This Andy Katzenmoyer/Michael Bishop dual rookie card that I've almost bought about twenty trillion times. Even though Bishop is on my PC list, this is only my second card of the guy, and it's definitely my favorite! Katzenmoyer is excellent as well, as he was supposed to be the next Dick Butkus at the turn of the century (At the same time Brian Rose was going to be the next Roger Clemens for the Red Sox...those were trying times for Boston sports fans).

Also very cool? Two Browns cards that were serial numbered, one Chaun Thompson (0591/2003) and one Luke McCown (170/499). I love serial numbered cards more than almost anything (as you all probably know by now), so I was psyched to pick two more up!

From here on out it's base and insert stuff, all of which I really liked. The four below are a shiny Daylon McCutcheon, Courtney Brown owning some Giants lineman, Kevin Johnson (!) running in the snow, and a golden Kellen Winslow beating up a pylon. Good stuff.

I also got a lot of failed Browns quarterbacks in this package, which is pretty easy since so many have failed (thank goodness Seneca Wallace is here now!). I'm not showing the many Brady Quinns and Derek Andersons, but I am showing a Tim Couch, Jeff George RC (it's a college card, but Browns colors lol), Darrell Hackney (who?), and Spergon Wynn (actually one of my favorite Browns players of all time). Jeff George is easily better than all three of the other guys, and he was never really a Brown. Too bad.

I got a few more of those weird Bazooka comics here, both Tom Bradys. They're pretty damn cool, even if Brady is a huge doucher.

This next section is called "Best Patriots of All (late 90's/early 00's) Time!" Robert Edwards was the absolute man for a year (until he was hurt in an offseason flag football game), J.R. Redmond was a 2001 Super Bowl Hero, Kevin Faulk needs no reasoning, David Patten is also a 2001 Super Bowl Hero, and Shawn Jefferson is a guy I really liked as a kid. Shame he never got to be a Super Bowl Hero...just a guy on the wrong end of a blowout with the Chargers.

Last but not least, here's a Patriots Defense Trifecta featuring Dan Klecko, who could also probably fit into my favorite Patriots list. The Trifecta is book ended by Vince Wilfork RC's, which is pretty neat: Vince is an absolute BEAST!

Thanks so much for the cards Justin! As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

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  1. There's nothing like going through a box of cards. You never know what treasures will turn up.