Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Super Fast Pre Class Post! 1992's from Justin and 2 Ebay Pick-ups!

I've gotta get to a printer and then to class, so this will be a super quick post!

Yesterday I had three goodies in the mailbox, and was super psyched! Two were on my "incoming mail" list, but one was something I wasn't completely expecting.

You see, Justin of Is This a Wasteland? recently sent me some football cards he didn't want, and then mentioned he might have some 1992 Topps sitting around after sending the first cards. He really didn't have to send a second anything, but he did: 40 new cards in all!
I'm not going to show any of them, because I hope to show some off once I complete the set. But they were all really cool, and I'm now 26 cards from completing the base set! Thanks Justin!

After that I have two cool relic cards I picked up on Ebay recently. The first is a Dewon Brazelton "Shirt Off My Back" card. This is my first SOMB card, and probably won't be my last, as they are so goofy. It reminds me of Zoolander - how is he going to pitch if he can't fit in that little shirt?
(Also reminds me of Chris Farley..."Fat guy in a littttttle coat...").

The second relic is a Seneca Wallace appetizer of sorts, given my recent Seneca lot win. I saw three of these cards go up at the same time, and this one had the lowest shipping AND lowest starting bid. I bid $0.99 and somehow won, ending up with this card for a cool $2 and change. Lame white material, but a relic is a relic when you're player collecting sometimes!
That's all I got. Time to run to class!

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