Friday, April 2, 2010

A Tale of Two Shammgods

As some of you may remember, I had a minor card issue a month or two ago with a God Shammgod Wave of the Future card. Bought it for cheap on Ebay with a RC thrown in, thing ended up bursting in transit, huge mess, very sad (for the day - the seller refunded me and I've actually bought from him since, totally great guy!).

Well 4 or 5 days ago I was bored and on Ebay, and noticed the same card for $1 + $1.25 shipping. I asked the seller what that shipping entailed, heard plain white envelope, asked for a bubble mailer instead, and ended up negotiating a $1.75 shipping price (with the same $1 BIN).

It arrived today in the mail, completely sealed (i.e. no crazy leaks)! Here it is next to my former copy. Can you tell which is which without checking below?

As you could probably tell, the left Shammgod is the new one, and the right one is the old one. It's harder to read the Fleer logo and the bottom left "wave of the future" quotes on the left card because there is still actually fluid inside! Also, the right Shammgod is actually still inside of it's plastic card sleeve because it's completely stuck to the sleeve due to leakage. Ewwwww!

To avoid a similar, card bursting fate, the left Shammgod is now taking up residence in one of my 5 screw top holders. That means I now have the following 5 cards in those holders:
1. 1973 Topps 3B Prospects Cey/Hitlon/Schmidt
2. 1910 T206 Frank Oberlin
3. 2003 Topps Finest Anquan Boldin
4. 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Dual Swatches #SDS-FB Prince Fielder and Ryan Bruan Quad Relic #'d 21/99

and 5 is this wacky card (It replaced Joakim Soria's dual relic #'d to 75 given to me by the Troll, which now joins my other Sorias in my PC binder. So Troll, if you felt a little hole in your heart today, that may have been it. All apologies!).

But hooray for a happy ending to my God Shammgod story!


  1. Have you seen this video of Shammgod by Converse?

  2. No I hadn't

    And DAMN that was awesome!