Friday, April 2, 2010

BA Benny Comes Through Again (Plus Some More McGriffs On Display)!

I recently posted a nifty relic card on my site, and noted that I would take trade offers on it. A few offers came in, but BA Benny's was best in my eyes. So I thought I'd share my bounty with all of you!

Starting off, we've got my very first Dewon Brazelton jersey card. Sweeeeet!
Who the hell is Dewon Brazelton, you may ask? Well, in the 2001 MLB Draft, the Top 5 picks went Joe Mauer, Mark Prior, Dewon Brazelton, Gavin Floyd, Mark Teixeira. Dewon ended up playing 5 years in the majors, finishing 8-25 with a 6.38 ERA (70 ERA+), and more BB's than K's.

So why do I like the guy? Well, I'm a Fred McGriff fan, which means I liked the DRays when they had Fred, which means I liked some other DRays, and Dewon was one of those guys. I know Dewon was never that talented, and that his cards will always sell for more than they're worth. But I want them all, and so it's nice to pick up a relic of his in a trade!

That wasn't even the only relic I got in this deal, as I also picked up my very first Gary Sheffield relic. It's the bottom right of these four cards, all of which were new to me!
I like relic pieces that aren't sqaures or circles a lot. Stars are cool, and this one is cool because it's got that little wedge taken out of the top left corner.

BA Benny also tossed in a few random cards - here we see a Browns WR, a Victor Martinez, a Willie McGinest RC (one of the best Patriots of my lifetime for certain) and a Chromed out Miggy Cabrera. Niiiice!

Rounding out my bounty, BA also sent me a conundrum: a card I needed for both my McGriff collection AND for my 1995 Topps Set Collection.
This one was easy - McGriff is my #1 priority and so the card is in my McGriff binder. But I'll need another one of these someday I guess...therein lies the trouble of collecting sets and players at the same time. Thanks for the cards BA Benny!

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