Sunday, May 9, 2010

Awwww man!

Yesterday I worked 9-2pm, then drove the 6 hours from Bloomington, IN to Akron, OH to bring my girlfriend home so she can have gallbladder surgery in a few days. I had to drive back today since I'd cat sitting a friend's cat starting tonight and I have work tomorrow, so things were kind of hectic/I'm pretty beat hahaha. But it wasn't going to be all bad, for two major reasons:

1. My girlfriend's family pretty much always sends me home with delicious foodstuffs.

2. I was going to stop by my new favorite card store, All Pro Sportscards of Cuyahoga Falls. I called them earlier in the week and they said they'd trade me some stuff, and I was planning on picking up my 4 David Carr relics, Dewon Brazelton auto, and some goodies for a blogging friend who I will owe once his package arrives.

Reason 1 was fufilled. My fridge is now filled with delicious meats and caseroles and the like.

Reason 2, however, was not, because I am dumb, and did not realize that my favorite store is closed on Sundays. So I brought 1,500 cards in my car for nothing, and did not get my trading itch scratched.


I now need to cure that itch. I'm starting by messaging an old trading partner to see if I can get some cool cards. Post that discussion, however, I may throw up a trade post or two. Nothing too fancy...mostly rookie cards of cool dudes and the like. But maybe something one or two of you would like. So expect something like that later this week!

But otherwise, awww maaaaan! I really wanted that D Braz auto...dayum lol.


  1. I got some cards for you. Too bad they're packed up in boxes cause I am moving this week.

  2. hahaha it's all good, good luck with the move man. Also DAYUM the bunch looks good lately.