Monday, May 10, 2010

Baseball Cards came to my Mailbox from Baseball Cards Come to Life!

Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! recently added thousands of cards to his collection, and decided recently that he'd send some my way. I'm really glad, because they hit on a on of my wants/needs, including:

1. Great Names
Vince Horsman was the first card I saw when I opened the package...hilarious. I also really love the script for Trout on the 1985 Topps Father (Dizzy) Son (Steve) card. It's like the Trout family cool.

Also, Paul Moskau makes me laugh way too much. I wonder if he can see Alaska from his house?

2. More Great Names and some Player Collections
The first 4 names are all of the '88 Donruss variety - Quirk, Schu, Oil Can, and Stubbs. Then there's some dude named Blas - his parents gave him a crazy name, and apparently he never reconciled with it until he found Jesus. Weird, wild stuff.

Then at the bottom of that image you can see two cards I needed for player collections, including a 1992 TSC Gary Sheffield and a 1982 Rusty Kuntz (yessss!). But who's that to their left? Let me give you a closer look:
That'd be 1993 Donruss Wes Chamberlain, straight chillin'. I would even go as far as to say that this is the chillest back of a baseball card ever. Go ahead...prove me wrong.

Also, isn't that a Pirates hat?

3. Set Collection Stuff and more Wackiness
The bottom 6 cards here all go to my 1992 set, which is now 20 CARDS FROM COMPLETION! Anyone got any of those 20 cards?

The top 3 are just plain cool. You've got Stan Belinda sitting on a tractor, Mike Perez' card within a card within a card (talked about here and here, as well as countless other blogs). The last card in the top row is one of my favorites of what Bo sent - the fakest Jose Canseco autograph EVER! Give it a closer look if you don't believe's pretty damn fake, and pretty damn awesome haha.

4. Last but not least, a McGriff
Okay, so it's not technically a McGriff card, but there's no denying that Fred is front and center in this picture. Was his technically perfect slide enough to make him safe in this case? I'm going to go ahead and say yes, because Fred McGriff was the best baseball player ever, and no catcher was a match for his awesomeness. But someone can correct me if I'm wrong!

Anyways, thanks so much for the sweet cards Bo!


  1. Sorry - he was out

    I think Chamberlain is wearing a retro Phillies uniform.

    Glad you enjoyed the cards!

  2. Awww man, and Sheffield was caught stealing third in the same inning. Bad baserunning Padres...would've probably won them the game too if they had scored more than inning. Too bad! (thanks for the stat lookup!)

    Also I figured that on Chamberlain, but it's crazy how Pirate-esque his hat logo is.