Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Cards Come Pouring In, Part 2

3 more packages in the mail today...gotta love the Ebay binges!

First we have a SWEET Dewon Brazelton (Troll, be jealous!). For the low, low price of about $3.50 (with shipping included), I picked up this:
Game-worn jersey PRIME (that's actually what the card is called) Patch, serial #'d 3/25. Needless to say, I felt like a champ after getting this card!

My other Dewon is less cool, and has slight damage, but it's still sweet, and it's still #'d to 25:
Damage is on the right side - foil is coming up. SUCCCKS...but this card was even cheaper, and it's still serial #'d 9/25. Plus there's a slight diagonal stain line in the pants piece (hard to see here), which I'm going to pretend is dirt, which makes it even more awesome!

Last but not least, epic huge lot of a guy I have very few cards of! This time it's Shaun King, who was one of my favorite QBs as a kid. The guy won football games, and he did it in real exciting ways!

I ended up with 32 new cards in this 53 card lot, which I'll take forhow much it cost (about $5 total, meaning I paid like $0.14 a card). Plus I ended up with three translucent cards!

See? One (this is easily my cool):


and Three (the Green parallel of the card above):
Not a bad Ebay day! I'm looking forward to most of the rest of the stuff tomorrow, as that would go perfect with my LAST DAY OF SPRING SEMESTER CLASSES! Shaun King rules...and I'm out!


  1. Wow, big changes here! It looks so good I can't remember what it looked like before.

    I loved the final day of spring semester. Great day. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks Owl! I needed a change and here it is...still might shift to something else someday (now it feels empty and blank instead of busy haha), but for not it'll do!

  3. I have a gold Leaf Rookies of Brazelton I think. It's not much, but it's a sexy, shiny, goldy card. I think you'd dig it.

  4. Ooo it this one?

    Because that is very shiny hahaha. I would definitely love it.