Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dick Trickle's Car - Oh Really?

In 1993, Brett Bodine drove the #26 Quaker State Ford Thunderbird in all but one race. He had 3 top 5's, 9 top 10's, 2 poles, and finished 20th in points overall. The only race he missed was missed because of a broken wrist that Brett suffered in a practice crash. Dick Trickle subbed for Brett in that race and finished 25th.

With no name on the card, I double checked Beckett to see that it was a Bodine card. Well guess whose card it was listed as?
One 25th place finish got Dick a whole entire card...can you believe it? Maybe Beckett's listing is just wrong (stranger things have happened). It is kind of cool to know that my favorite race car driver of all time (Brett) and my 2nd favorite (Dick Trickle) both kind of shared the same car for a season.


  1. Trickle drove several different cars for many years so I am not sure why they would list him as the primary driver on a car Bodine drove for several years. Loos like an error to me.

  2. Yeah it's real bizarre. Two of my other Bodines were listed as other guys, but that was the year Bodine left and some dude/Hut Stricklin drove the 26. I think Beckett made a boo boo.

  3. Sad news -!eD7lu