Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Great Week For Bubble Mailers, Starting With Epic Contest Goodies From BA Benny!

Yesterday's mailbox produced SIX packages for me, plus a netflix movie - Not too shabby for a Monday, right? 4 were Ebay/Sportlots stuff that will be posted later, 1 was a school book (can't all be fun), and the other was my contest winnings from BA Benny's word forming contest he held a while back. I was really excited for all the Ebay stuff (since I picked it out and all), and I was actually excited to get the book too since I need it for a paper that's due tomorrow. The contest winnings, however, were easily the best of all of the stuff I got, and so I figured I'd show them off first!

To begin, here's what I knew was coming - a 2007 Upper Deck SP By the Letter Autograph Andy Gonzalez, serial #'d 34/50:
Ooo, a low print number, and my first manufactured letter card of any kind! This card was also encapsulated in my first magnetic case, but I quickly switched it into a screw top in favor of my God Shammgod Wave of the Future card. I'd rather this one stay under lock and key, while the wacky gel filled card has some freedom!

I also figured I would get some Red Sox/Pats/Browns since BA Benny asked for our favorite teams. Here's a very small sampling of Sox:
The top left card and the top middle card were both needed for my 1995 Topps set - Neat! And that's sort of where I figured the package would end. Yet it continues!

First I saw a Topps Opening Day 2008 Jon Papelbon, serial #'d to 2199. He brought along his serial #'d buddies Jose Valverde and Kevin Youkilis as well!
I love serials, even if they're just of the gold parallel variety! Sometimes I think it'd be cool to collect a gold parallel version of a set, but I'll save that for someday when I have more than one set complete!

I also received two new McGriffs! This first is the other league leader card Fred had from 1995 (I have his RBI leader card already), and it's the first leader card that I noticed that weird upper card background pattern on.
It's really on there (aka not a scanner error), and I have no idea what the heck it is! Sort of looks like neon 80's, the kind of stuff you'd see if you wore your sunglasses at night.

The other McGriff was a 1995 TSC Extreme Corps. Because the Crime Dog is EXTREME!
Also, maybe it's just me, but Fred's glove looks really weird from this angle, kinda like a wicker basket or something. Or a brown catcher's mask. Regardless, weird.

A few more cards to go, all of which were totally unexpected! These next two include a translucent Freddy Garcia, as well as a Tim Couch jersey card!
I know, only I would care about this stuff (especially a Tim Couch jersey card), but it made me really happy! Someday when I have more time (aka I don't have to write a paper), the Garcia card will get the translucent proving take-a-picture-against-a-light-source treatment that I've given to all of my other translucent cards. Until then, enjoy the serial # on the back of Couch's jersey, along with proof of authenticity:
Ooohh...ahhhh. I'm willing to bet that the Browns lost that game.

Last but definitely not least, two new Sheffs:
I LOVE 2003 Finest. That may be a set I have to build someday. For now I think I have the Sheff and an Anquan Boldin rookie card and that's it. So one card each from two different sports - but you have to start somewhere, right?

Anyways, thanks BA Benny for all of the great cards and a truly great contest! Time for me to finish this paper though!

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  1. I got my prize pack from Benny today! I'll be posting it in a day or two.