Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BargainBaseballCards Review

I told you guys that I would show off some of those McGriffs that I received today to get to 500 total cards. I also promised you a few weeks ago that I would give a review of BargainBaseballCards.com when those cards came. Since the McGriffs came from that site, this post will do both!

I ordered these cards on May 15th and they came today, so not the fastest shipping (though not the slowest). They really are pretty cheap though...I spent $13 (including shipping) for like 40 cards, which is around what you'd spend on Sportlots, aka the cheapest you will spend on a non Ebay lot online.

So slowish shipping but nice price = not a bad start. Pretty nice selection too, at least for non autographs/game used type stuff. If there is a major downside, it would probably be that there are hardly any pictures, much like Sportlots (though there is the occasional picture, as this Sheff 1/1 attests). But as you all know, I like a lack of picture, as it leads to surprises when I get a card like this:
That'd be a 1996 Flair Wonderful Monds card, aka one of the many Monds cards that barely any of you have seen. His body is embossed, the colors are all nice and Fleer Metal-ified...it's all just so cool. Add in a weird disembodied head, and this was clearly my favorite card that I bought.

Of course, as mentioned, I also bought a ton of Freds. So let me show a few off group style, starting with some shinies:
For the record, mid 90's Sportflics ROCK! And 1996 SPX is one of the coolest sets ever.

Here's a few more new Freds, including a weird Topps parallel (Home Team Advantage), a cool Upper Deck 25th anniversary card, and a Sports Illustrated card (published by Fleer, which is kind of crazy):
I also really like the Gold Label card with giant Fred and tinier Fred.

The only sad part to early 00's Fred cards? All of the mentions of how he's close to 500 homeruns, or how he's about to pass Gerhig in homeruns:
Of course he finished at 493, actually tied with Gehrig. Enough for a huge McGriff fan like me, but not enough for the Hall of Fame voters. Buncha jerks!

To show off some of the rarer stuff on this site, I thought I'd show the Dewon Brazeltons that I bought, which include 2 Durham Bulls cards (the top left and top middle cards):
How's about that massive box o text on the middle Durham card? Also, that bottom middle photo has to have been used on like half of Dewon's cards. Someday when I have more time I'll prove it!

So that's BargainBaseballCards in a nutshell. I may be back someday, though I've pretty much cleared them out of affordable players that I collect (the first two tiers anyways!).

I also picked up a few Seneca Wallace Ebay cards (what else is new). This first scan is a #'d auto parallel that I needed (046/100) and a parallel that I already had that came with the cards in my second scan:
Not one to turn away a serial numbered card, I will gladly keep it!

The main reason I ended up with that double parallel? There was an 8 card Seneca Wallace lot on Ebay, 5 of which I needed for my player collection. The opening bid price was lower than it would cost to buy all 5 cards elsewhere, so I went for it! All base, but some nice pick ups:
I especially like the 2007 Topps Total dual card (w/ Marcus Pollard) showcased on the right side of the scan. Seneca has 259 2003 cards and only 28 cards after that, so any day I receive a non-2003 Seneca card is a cool day indeed!

And that's all I've got for now! If you have any questions/comments/concerns about BargainBaseballCards, I would love to answer them for you! Might as well since I'm buying cards from all these crazy websites!


  1. I have used them myself a few times and always had a good experience. On one occasion the card description was wrong and they emailed me to explain the mistake and didn't charge me for it so in my book honesty ranks them prety high. I do agree that they need more pictures but I will check them out a couple of times a year to see what they have.

  2. Thanks for Sharing BA, it's really good to know that they're good dudes! And I agree...with those prices and some of the selection, I will definitely be checking out their site now and then!