Saturday, May 29, 2010

All good things come in 4's

At least in this case anyways!

Two pretty ordinary Seneca Wallace recent Ebay buys from the front, one Playoff Prestige and one dual event used football w/ Brian St. Pierre:

Flip these boys over, however, and we've got 4's aplenty!
Specifically a 004/100 and a 4/5. Different sized print runs, but same # in their respected run! I didn't even realize the game used football card was #'d when I bought it, so that's a major bonus!

The bigger point of this post, however, is the idea of building a parallel set backwards. I sort of started Seneca's 2009 Mayo Mini that way - first I bought a 1/1, then a gold mini, and someday I'll get the far cheaper base card. I did the same thing with my purchase of the Prestige card #'d /5, as I don't yet have the base or either of the parallels. In case you couldn't tell, the /5 version has "The 24th National Atlantic City" imprinted onto it:
Pretty neat I think, and it's always great to pick up a low print run card of one of your favorite players!

Do any of the rest of you have any cool stories about building a parallel backwards? I'd be especially impressed if someone built a UD Baseball Heroes parallel set for one player backwards (or really at all, since there's so many freakin' parallels there!).

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