Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodies from Thoughts and Sox

I recently posted an all call asking for bloggers to send me the shirt off their back (cards from 2005 Leaf). Thoughts and Sox responded, offering his Jack Wilson from the set. When it arrived today, Dewon Brazelton was a happy camper, since he now has a friend:
Oooo...only 38 shirts to go! Anyone else got an old shirt lying around that they don't need?

T & S then went a little Jack Wilson happy with this trade, as the next card in the package was this All Star Swatches card from 2004:
Random, but very cool, and looks nice near my José López and Fred McGriff All Star Swatches cards. And it's perfect for my new Jack Wilson collection (JUST KIDDING! But I add and remove collections so much that I maybe tricked one or two people there). I love all relics though, and this one looks nice, so thanks T&S!

He also sent me another little stack of cards, with this weird booklet at the back:
Pro Set Superstars...what could that mean?
Well, it means those bottom left cards from this image, both the Madonna and the M.C. Hammer. The back of Hammer's card talks about how he's thinking about starting a movie career...too bad that didn't work out too well!

Also shown in that big photo above are:
- A bunch of 1997-1998 Skybox E-X2001 NBA cards, including one of my favorite NBA players of all, Mr. Mitch Richmond - these are translucent and will be photographed today to join that page of my site.
- a bunch of 1996 Select Certified Edition cards. This is a set I'm semi collecting, as T & S knows, and so it's always nice to get a few cards I need.
- and finally, a Jeff George RC Collect-A-Books. I posted about these before: they're really wacky books with cartoons and a big picture in the back. This one is especially nice, since it also features a mullet/statche-tastic George on the second page.
Stay classy Jeff! You too T&S - thanks for yet another great trade!


  1. I hoped that you would like the random stuff I threw in there with that shirt of my back card.

    I got that Superstars booklet Long ago when I redeamed a Pro Set Traded set. It came with the Madonna and MC Hammer cards.

    I found those three Select Certified in an old binder. I didn't think I had sent them to you already when I sent you the others. If I did than you now have doubles and I'm sorry

    I got the cards you sent also. They were much appreciated but I haven't posted them yet Because I AM A LAZY BLOGGER.

  2. I loved them dude, very cool stuff. Especially if those Madonna/Hammer were part of a redemption...haha what a wacky throw in for a redemption!

    And I did in fact need all of those Select Certified, none were doubles. So all is well. Someday I'll throw it back up on the blog so you'll know for sure!