Saturday, July 3, 2010

1990 Donruss #228 - Be a Little More Excited, Kid!

Here's a card I randomly noticed one day while looking through my stuff. It's a nice photo of Ellis Burks posing for the camera, looking pretty happy to be on a baseball card:
Only thing is, hardly anyone in the background seems excited at the fact that they might be joining them. Particularly the dude just to the right of Burks and a kid who is presumably his son:
I mean, I know it's pre-game and all, and I know the kid is wearing a Mariner's hat, but really? You could've flashed a peace sign, or given your dad bunny ears, or done something to be immortalized in baseball card history. Instead they're just chilling, like it's no big deal. Bummer.

As a side note, I wonder if people ever realize that they made it to a player's card? As in, did this kid ever open a pack of 1990 Donruss and find himself on Burks' card?


  1. That would be a great research idea - find folks that appear in the background (preferably those that have already figured out they were in the card).

  2. I like the question about background people. Got to be an answer somewhere. The father looks a little like Judd Hirsh of Taxi. Ellis looks ok but I've seen happier guys on cards.

  3. He's probably just pissed that he's not getting an autograph at that exact moment. Some people act like the players owe them that at least.

  4. David - Agreed! Future plan for a future day maybe!

    Hackenbush - okay, maybe I over exaggerated Burks - he's not super happy. I do kind of see the Judd Hirsch too - less so in person but a ton in the scan, especially the up close scan.

    Cameron - Also agreed - I could see this photo taking place mere minutes after this kid thought he was getting Burks' autograph. Since it didn't happen (yet), he's sulking. Suck it up kid!