Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Last (For a While Anyways) Great COMC Binge - The Singles, Part Two

Welcome to the second of five posts of my last (for a while anyways) great COMC binge! This post has some of my favorite cards from the lot in it, even if they aren't the true hits.

The first card has to be the greatest find of the entire lot, as it's pretty rare and only just showed up on the site a few days into my COMC browsing. It's the Platinum Medallion version of 1997 Fleer Ultra Wonderful Terrific Monds, which had an announced print run of 200. Monds' rarest card by far, and now it's a part of my collection, which is great news for any player collector!
Burbank Sportscards had this card available on Beckett, but of course it was $11 plus shipping. On COMC? $4, but I offered $2 and got it - so I saved like $10 after shipping costs are considered. Stick it in yer ear Burbank (just kidding, they have awesome selection - I just wish the cards were a little cheaper, rare or not!).

The next rare-ish card is this weird 1985 Topps/Wendy's/Coca-Cola Rusty Kuntz card:
For 1, I didn't realize that Wendy's ever made cards. For 2, I never realized that Wendy's and Coke collaborated to make cards. And for 3, I think Rusty Kuntz + Wendy's is potentially the best/worst advertisement ever. In fact, I was real tempted to get a Baconator after seeing this card. But then I felt a little grossed out and got Chinese instead. Sorry Rusty!

My next saweet card is this 1997 Flair Showcase Wave of the Future Duce Staley. I've shown off my Wave of the Future God Shammgod in the past, which actually has gel and glitter inside the card moving around, but which explodes occasionally causing a huge mess. This card has all the glitter with none of the mess - the waves jump out at you and have glitter on them, but there is no inner card here - which is probably for the best!

These last two are just really sweet McGriffs! The first is from 1995 Topps - I knew they had Cyber Stats but didn't realize there was an even more epic version of Cyber Stats that predicted the playoffs! This one showcases Fred as NLDS MVP on the back after some game winning RBI in several games. Of course, it's all made up since there was no postseason in 1994, but it's still a really cool card. And so shiny!

Best for last here - this is one of those 1993 Upper Deck cards where Reggie Jackson gave his thoughts on a bunch of players. His take on McGriff starts off in...a very interesting way:
Has anyone else ever heard McGriff called "Freddie" before? It's a first time for me, and I'm wondering what the Crime Dog thought of it, if anything. Just thought I should point that out, as it's pretty weird.

Also weird? Stats for RISP, Sept/Oct (late season/playoffs), and Late/Close. I guess those were just to show how great of a slugger Fred was? Kind of ahead of its time for a baseball card from 1993, but I like it!

And there you have the singles! Next up, the serials!

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  1. The Monds and the McGriff playoff cyberstats cards just blew me away! Very nice pick-ups!