Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last (For a While Anyways) Great COMC Binge - The Singles, Part One

I'm hoping to spend less money on cards for a little while, as I've sort of gone way over budget these past few months. As such, things like spending $20 on COMC will go away for the next few months, meaning that I want to stretch out the awesomeness of my latest purchase for a few posts.

So welcome to part 1 of a 5 part series of my last great COMC binge. I'm going singles, to singles, to serials, to relics, to autos, in that order. I think it's a pretty good last binge for a while - time will tell if you guys agree with me!

This first post, as I mentioned, is just singles (aka maybe parallels and inserts, but nothing crazy). Still awesome though, and it included these two cool Fred McGriff cards:
Every now and then you can find a COMC card that's like 15 cents - I think both of these were, and I needed them, so there ya go. The Naturals card looks cool and reflect-y.

I also picked up a nicer copy of the McGriff stand-up, since it was like 10 cents. Troll's was creeping me out with its headlessness:

Where Freds are bought, Seneca Wallaces are sure to follow, and this lot was no exception - I finally picked up the Chrome version of Seneca's 2003 Bowman card. It's been a long time in the making after many almost buys, so I'm glad it's finally mine!
Next stop, refractor!

And of course, I can't boost my McGriff/Wallace collections without hitting the third member of the big three, Mr. Tyronn Lue. His cards are shown here a little more rapid fire style, but I like them all, especially the Unsung Heroes card - great format going on there. I'm assuming it's based on a past card - anyone know which year/style?
The bottom left Collector's Edge card is neat as well, as Lue actually shares the card with Stephon Marbury. I didn't scan the back, so you'll have to trust me, but that makes this the second Lue/Marbury combo card that I've found to date. The other one is that cool X-fractor that I got from Reds and more. That's like 8 years between shared cards - cool!

I'm finishing of this first batch of singles with the last card I purchased to make the pricing work perfectly. I needed to spend like 44 cents to finish off my account credit, and this card was 19 cents plus 25 cents shipping, so it was perfect. Hill looks so hopefully here - I wonder if he realizes that his problem with walks that the back stats showcase will never go away? It's my first Rookie Card logo card of him though, and it's just a cool shot of him signing - terrific card:
That's all for singles round 1 - round 2 features some weirder/rarer singles before I get into the more expensive stuff. Stick around and see what else this awesome lot had to offer!

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