Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tanyon Sturtze in Worcester, Ma Bar Fight - Wikipedia Hilarious/Immature/Immediatly Updated as Usual

As some of you may know, I player collect Tanyon Sturtze. He's constantly one of those guys I almost cut from my collection though, as he was a Yankee and was a major player on the Yankee side of one of the biggest Red Sox-Yankee brawls of all time. That said, he's also a Worcester boy (right next to my hometown) who went to community college literally 4 blocks from my high school girlfriend's house, so I've stuck with him so far.

We'll see if that continues after the dust settles from a new news story, because apparently Tanyon got in a bar fight with some friends of friends of mine last night in Worcester. The fight started because Tanyon, who was super drunk, started blatantly hitting on some dude's girlfriend. The dude's friend told Tanyon to step off, and Tanyon got crazy, throwing that friend and another guy into a wall. Other shenanigans started and before you know it a bunch of 20 somethings are talking to the cops while Tanyon was later found with a facial injury, claiming that the dude with the girlfriend attacked him.

Apparently Tanyon's side is BS, as a few of my Facebook friends were there, and they are discussing the event via newsfeed. If so, definitely makes me lose a little more respect for Tanyon - obviously not all athletes are saints, but being both an ex-Yankee and a creepy 39 year old man hitting on 20 year old girls/picking fights with 20 year old guys is not exactly collection worthy in my eyes. Ick.

Anyways, on to the meat of this post: 2 hilarious Wikipedia notes on Tanyon's page. The first is true - after his terrible 2002, people started calling Tanyon "Ten-Run" Sturtze. Very amusing.

The second is very immature, very untrue, and normally something I'd be slightly offended by given my liberal arts education and huge number of gay friends. That's funny given the situation:
You may have to click on the picture to read it, but long story short, Wikipedia is ridiculous. And Tanyon is ridiculous as well, if this stuff is all true. I guess he did go to my rival high school back in the day...maybe I made a mistake crossing rivalry lines more than once to support "Ten-Run?"

Edit: He's out for now. I feel a little hypocritical kicking him out while keeping Gary Sheffield around. Needless to say, Sheff's collection will be reconsidered in the next few days. 1997 Florida Marlins and 1989 Topps Rookie Card Nostalgia vs. 3 Years with the Yankees, PED's, and Countless Terrible Situations. Whose cuisine shall reign supreme?

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