Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Contest Winnings from BA Benny

I recently won a contest over at BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet, and I got the winnings the other day. Part of those winnings were a Strat-O-Matic computer game, which I cannot wait to try once I get a little more homework done. The rest of my winnings came in card form though - specifically 1995 Topps set help cards. 24 base cards and 8 Cyber Stats cards in all, all of which I needed!

I got both versions of Mark Grace in this trade, which was very cool because I've rarely seen a Base Card and its Cyber Stats version side by side. So here it is for you:
A little shinier on the left, especially in the name. Looks darker otherwise - that'd be the gleam in the light. Both awesome cards!

I also loved some of the notes on the back of these cards, as always. For instance, did you know that Dave Henderson was recruited by 100+ colleges? It's true:

Here's one for Heartbreaking Cards' "Everybody has a Record" segment. Did you know that B.J. Surhoff holds the record for most games played by someone known by their initials? Also true:

Finally, did you remember that the 1994 strike year, known to most as a wash year, featured a perfect game by Kenny Rogers? I knew that he had a perfect game, but forgot what year it occurred in. Luckily, 1995 Topps reminded me:

Of course, 1995 Topps can't be all card backs, so I figured I'd finish with a few fronts. Chuck Carr's card features one of the coolest card fronts of the set - check out that crazy amount of dirt on his uniform. Gotta love that.

And finally, this shot could also be considered for shot of the set. I give you Alex Diaz, airborne:
Awww yeah.

Thanks for the cards (and the contest) BA Benny! Set help is always appreciated, and it was great in contest winning form!

As an FYI for everyone else, I'm taking a slight break from entering contests (unless the winnings are really, really, really cool) for the time being. I won like 3 in a row and I figured I ought to let some other people get lucky for once. So if I don't enter your contest, no offense, just letting others feel the card love!

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