Monday, September 6, 2010

Contest Winnings from Fuji

The Chronicles of Fuji recently held a contest where all you had to do was comment to win a ton of prizes. I was pulling for a 1 of 1 DeAndre Jordan to start up a 1 of 1 collection, but lost out in the end. Luckily I still was among the prize winners, and I ended up getting Fuji's Sports Card Bust Starter Kit, which was totally sweet!

Three intended busts in this package, starting with Curtis Enis:
I liked Curtis as a kid, because I loved crappy teams and the late 90's Bears were pretty crappy. Unfortunately Enis had to retire from the NFL at 24 due to a knee condition. His autograph is practically bigger than his career - two big swooping letters and a number thrown in for good measure. Very nice.

Next we have Shelden Williams, former Boston Celtic/Mr. Candace Parker:
Shelden's career highs in almost every major stat category came in his 2006-07 rookie season, so that shows you how much of a bust he's been so far. He's already joining his 5th team - maybe the 5th time will be the charm?

The third and final rookie/bust auto is that of Richard Jackman:
The guy has never really done much, but he did win a Stanley Cup with the Ducks in 2007. I'm also thinking I might have seen him play back when he was in the AHL with the Providence Bruins for a few games - but I might just remember him from the Boston sports page. Tough to tell.

Finally, Fuji threw in a Braylon Edwards Scorecard #/d 50/100:
The back of the card mentions how his 16 TD's in 2007 made him a franchise player. What it didn't foresee, however, is that Braylon would become allergic to footballs for a few years before being traded to the Jets. Sort of a bust in my book, but a nice card nonetheless.

Thanks for the winnings Fuji!


  1. If you need someone to take that Braylon off your hands, you know who to call

  2. Haha it's already coming caljr. That's the 50/100 card I mentioned!

    And Charles, I agree - gorgeous sig, and on card at that. So nice.

  3. That Enis is fantastic! Gotta be one of the best signatures ever. They'd need a hella big sticker to fit that auto on. :P

    In other news, I found three more cards you might like. A Shaun King topps Finest Rookie, Tyronn Lue Bazooka 4-in-1 sticker thing w/ three other dudes, and a Panini insert w/ Josh Cribbs and three other dudes as well. Hill jersey & Ultra Lue still MIA.

  4. Hahaha very true Lonestarr. I can just imagine Topps giving him stickers, and him fitting the middle 1/3 of each letter and then forcing his # in there at the last minute. Just more proof that on card autos are the best!

    As for the cards you found, they sound amazing! Nice finds!

  5. I'm glad the package arrived safely... congratulations. And thanks for participating in the contests. It was a blast reading everyone's responses.

  6. The other three guys on the Cribbs card are Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, and Vernon Davis, so maybe I should've given the "three other dudes" top billing, lol.

  7. Thanks again Fuji! The comments only touch the surface of how awesome that Enis auto is, so thanks again!

    And lol Lonestarr...Cribbs is clearly the best of that group! Maybe I'm a (very) jaded Browns fan, but the dude plays good football haha.

    Also, if you don't end up finding the Hill and the Lue, you can forget them and just send the other stuff. I once lost a card for a trade with Thorzul and dug for months without finding it - some lost cards just wanna stay lost I think hahaha.