Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Card Rules: 1988 Score #108 Les Straker

Les Straker was the very first Venezuelan to pitch in the World Series when he started two games for the Twins in the 1987 Series (Games 3 and 6).

That's not too shabby for a guy with a two year career (due to injury). Won a championship ring, got one save, got one shutout, and appeared on this beautifully shot card:
I like the way he's centered, I love the back light, and I love the determination on Straker's face. It's a shame that injury derailed his promising career, but I'm glad that he got to excel at baseball's highest level before he headed out. And I'm thankful that Score put out this great card of Straker, because I wouldn't know any of this stuff without finding this card first!

Edit: And yeah, the cropping could have been better. But I don't mind it too much here.


  1. Whoah, that is a really nice card. Very striking. Didn't know that about Straker either...I think I need to get the entire 88 set.

  2. Everyone quoted the ol' "Viola and Blyleven, and home by eleven", but Straker pitched a pretty darn good game 3 in St. Louis. Things fell apart pretty much after he was removed from the game.