Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cool Cards from Cardboard Collections, Including the First Card My Girlfriend LOVED

I recently came into a silk Javy Vazquez card, /50, that I really didn't need. Problem was I was stuck with it since I bought it for someone who then stopped collecting Javy. Bummer!

Luckily, I know some Braves collectors, and they include Cardboard Collections! So I found some other Braves to send his way, looked through his trade bait list, and the trade was on. I think I did pretty well, especially since my girlfriend actually loved the first card out of this package.

That's right...LOVED IT! As in like near shrieking and demanding I scan it instantly so she could show it off on Facebook and stuff. Weird.

What card could do that? Well, my girlfriend comes from a Catholic family, and while she isn't religious herself, she did carry on some of her Mom's love of certain elements of the Catholic Church, like say...Popes. Specially Pope John Paul II, who was a decent guy for a Pope. Loved the guy. So when I saw that this card:
was on the Cardboard Collections trade bait list, I knew it had to be mine. And it was so worth it to see my girlfriend excited about cardboard for once! It's a pretty cool card as well!

Of course, some of the cards I chose were for me, since I'm still the true collector here hahaha. I actually picked up a few random relics of guys that probably would have someday joined my Random Cards I Want page. Now they don't have to since...I own them!

The first cool one is a 2010 Topps Peak Performance Jersey Piece of Kevin Youkilis:
YOUUUUUUK! I love that it's red (my first red jersey piece, and I think my first Red Sox jersey piece), and I'm happy to own a Youk jersey. Hate away Yankees fans (and many other baseball fans I guess), but I'm happy he's on my team!

My other jersey card is from another current Red Sox guy, though I liked him long before his Red Sox days. It's Bill Hall, circa his Brewers days:
Hall hit 35 homeruns in 2006 for the Brewers, and while that now seems a million years ago, he's still got some pop for a utility guy. Plus he pitched a scoreless inning this year, and I LOVE when position players pitch. So I'll take an off white jersey patch of Bill Hall any day!

Finally, I picked up two minis from 2010 A and G, which were The Parthenon and Judson Laipply. I liked them for their subjects, not that I collect minis or anything, and I would've showed their scan here, but I accidentally saved the other card I picked up over that scan, and I'm too lazy to rescan the minis. So instead you get the 2010 Topps Josh Cribbs base, which goes well with the Gold parallel I picked up a few days ago in another trade:
Ooo. Aah. All in all, a good trade I think. Took a silk and some Braves and turned it into 2 jersey cards of guys I like, a cool base card, a few minis, and my girlfriend's favorite card ever! Nice trading with your Cardboard Collections!

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